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Story time: I, Spudrobera. Your King.

Day 1,773, 15:33 Published in Estonia Finland by Jermu Kaaleppi

This is the story of my life in bEStonia.
My adventure started from Finland. I swam over the sea of Salami, past the flying McDolan birds just to get to the coast of bEStonia.

I had to fight the "EBIN : D" -yelling dragon with my sword made of Salami in a cave full of dangerous red lines.

The ultimate goal of this trip is to sit on Jorges head as the King of bEStonia.

bESt regards, me, King Spudrobera.



Pedersprii Day 1,773, 15:37

Butiful stori, bro.

Kendo Yanar
Kendo Yanar Day 1,773, 17:12

Quality journalism!!!

Coji Day 1,773, 20:17

muuves like a jagger!! HAIL JORGE!

POLAND PLS Day 1,773, 21:35

my brothels shall vote you in estonia!!

Jarno Kaaleppi
Jarno Kaaleppi Day 1,773, 22:47


Ripulipillu Day 1,774, 01:25

6/5 ebin's story bro 😃

Hans Reid
Hans Reid Day 1,774, 03:54

poor gorge

Huemac Day 1,774, 04:20


Sambyla Day 1,774, 04:28


juzmar Day 1,774, 04:41

maistuu vahvasti salamille

Lurjus 1.
Lurjus 1. Day 1,774, 08:23

kuninkas bera!

I.See.Wiener Day 1,775, 01:45

up y0urs pudrumulk

Mihkels Day 1,775, 09:40

Reading this makes me just sad. I mean how unintelligent you have to be to produce such crap? PTO eEstonia like a man and not flood it with some random crap which is age appropriate to 7 year olds...

I honestly feel sorry for your parents, not even funny, just sad.

Ago Laur
Ago Laur Day 1,775, 10:17

Lapsel on fantaasiat. Aga mulle tundub, et ta ei tea riigi juhtimisest midagi. Näide : Story time: I, Spudrobera. Your King.* Vot need viimased 2 sõna ''your king'' . Meil ei ole siin kuningriik nagu. Tahab olla kuningas, siis pakkigu kohvrid ja mingu Inglismaad vallutama!

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Day 1,775, 10:43

teie king

cartigan Day 1,775, 10:55

Spudrobera: Kui sellest mehest peaks saama meie nii-nimetatud KING ,siis mina jätan küll selle mängu mängimise.

Jermu Kaaleppi
Jermu Kaaleppi Day 1,775, 11:13

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I'll promise to rule this land the way I rule my salami. Gently.

Mihkels Day 1,775, 11:22

Cartigan, ära muretse, kui ta peaks saama meie "kuningaks" siis see põhimõtteliselt rüüstatakse ning ega eEestist midagi alles ei jäägi. Mis siin ikka teha kui mängu ülesehitus kord juba selline on.

G3rak1 Day 1,775, 13:25

mis sa ikka teed kui mingi fag tahab CP saada 🙂

Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Day 1,780, 08:45

voted for truth

Eesti kodanik
Eesti kodanik Day 1,829, 08:01

Võlts ja omasooihar.

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