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Stop accusing each others (or at least do it silently)

Day 1,107, 23:01 Published in New Zealand Serbia by kowalski_afc

I'm not writing often. Maybe because I’m playing this game like a soldier, and I don’t want to be journalist, politician or even owner of the company. So, probably you won’t like my style of writing, for sure you will say that I’m crazy or that I miss the point. It’s not my problem, this eworld give me option to write, and no one can take it from me (except admins).

It passed almost 40 days that we have congress. In 5 days we have elections again, this time for new President. Or old one, I don’t care.

It passed more then two months that eNew Zealand came to the face of New World. And I’m still reading articles where some of us, mostly former eSerbians are still accused to making PTO actions.

Everyone has a right to think whatever she or he wants. Everyone has a right to tell it loudly. But, what we have from this? We, like a nation?

Let’s return to our history. From the start, eNew Zealand is prospering. First days, it was slowly. Then, our congress vote for laws, make some moves. Our economy starts to grow slowly. Our military force is organized (NZDF). Everything works slowly, one step in the time. There isn’t any accepted malicious law or malicious actions from any side.

And for more then two months, some of our brothers and sisters are accusing around others for making PTO. Some of those are sophisticated trying to push idea to fall under PTO of eAustralia. Some of those are just showing some laws which aren’t passed. Some of those are showing articles which are not on English. Some of those are showing us articles of noobs and trolls. Some of those are showing our avatars and accusing us that we are traitors because we have avatar of paramilitary force which isn’t originally from eNZ. Some of those are simply against economical program which others are suggesting.

All of those have wrong point of view.

Why I’m telling you this? Simply, because all of us need to count only action taken from others. I can’t tell that some eSerbians didn’t come here to make something bad. Also, their actions are stopped so far. No one let them. In same moment, who can guaranty to me and to others that some of ex eUK, ex eRomanians, ex eCroatians and all others exs didn’t came with same thoughts? Anyone?

And only eSerbians are accused for PTO. Without any reason. Without any proofs.

I’m sorry for telling this, but that’s not calling “We are all Kiwis”. That’s calling “We are Kiwis and you GTFO from eNew Zealand therefore we don’t have any more right to live here then you”. Are we all equal? Or some of us more equal then others?


So, stop with accusations of each others. It’s annoying. It will destroy our beloved eNew Zealand.

For the eNew Zealand.


P.S. Thanks from them also for reading so many words



Carr De Vaux
Carr De Vaux Day 1,107, 23:28

vote for the chic.

Tasmyn Day 1,107, 00:05

this chic has natural tits ... vote Kowalski_afc

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,107, 00:11

Amen brother!

Adam Reese
Adam Reese Day 1,107, 00:53

You've got a good heart. Don't let them take it away from you.

-Random Demon's Souls quote that conveniently fits

Mortal Luka
Mortal Luka Day 1,107, 00:56

“We are all Kiwis”
WE are WE

klosar85 Day 1,107, 01:36

“We are all Kiwis”
WE are WE

vote for the article, I think we can all live as a happy family

voice Day 1,107, 05:45

this is our national forum

let your fellow congressmen show their good intention by coming and discussion laws there.

Bora Stojsin
Bora Stojsin Day 1,107, 06:16

Thanks for giving a spirituous, yet entertaining pic ; ).
Tanned skin is tanned.
btw, how can I found them mate? *shy*

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,107, 06:21


Pragmat Day 1,107, 07:41

You all continue to scold us for calling you pto-ers but you dodge every avenue that would gain you credibility.

Start discussing your views on the forum, reach out to your fellow Congressman, stop ramming your laws down our throats and we can work together.

Right now your tongue is saying one thing while your hands are doing something else. Actions speak louder than words and the actions of you and yours drown out any words you can possibly say.

Adam Reese
Adam Reese Day 1,107, 07:56

As if Daniel has any "actions" to point to that haven't been supported by at least some non-eSerbians.

klosar85 Day 1,107, 08:31

what we do to something you can say, do everything to try to raise the economy of New Zealan

Daniel De Vito
Daniel De Vito Day 1,107, 10:22

I'm disappointed by the counter argument to this good article.

The "Serbian" party is the largest one in congress. They achieved that by being more numerous and much better organised than the other parties.

If you want to retake congress and establish a majority then parties should demonstrate clear policies stating what they will do to build our nation and to persuade people like me to vote for you. Focusing purely on what you feel to be a PTO will not be enough for you to do this.

kowalski_afc Day 1,107, 11:47

@ Voice
I'm not a politician. And i don't want to be politician. So, search for your fellows politicians. If you don't know how to reach them, then i'm sure that i can help you.

@ Daniel Dodge
Let me use your way of talking: why should anyone prove anything to you? Or anyone else? To prove credibility? Credibility? To who? Why?

With such comments, instead of one step forward, you re returning two steps back.

People, try to understand one thing. Me or anyone else doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. Like it or not. It's like that. as much as we trying to cooperate with you, to calm down situation, with such comments, i doubt it's possible. And then, you are accusing someone. Think about it.

@ Bora Stojsin
Simply: google -> images -> New Zealand cheerleaders ; )

Daniel De Vito
Daniel De Vito Day 1,107, 14:35

@Daniel Dodge
Then get organised and beat them. The efforts last month were shambolic. Complaining is fine but if you don't do something about it then you may as well bend over and take it.

Pragmat Day 1,107, 15:05

We plan on doing something, I'm not going to sit quietly until the 25th and then decide to speak up.

And even if we lose, I won't "bend over and take it". The minute you do that, you have truly lost.

You would likely be insulted if I asked you to do the same with your beliefs...think about that.

Adam Reese
Adam Reese Day 1,107, 16:44

"Planning" means "we'll do the same thing we've always done, and complain about the outcome".

Pragmat Day 1,107, 18:38

Caught me again Adam, you are just too clever for me....I don't know what to say....this is a lot to take in (by the way, that is what she said)

Adam Reese
Adam Reese Day 1,107, 18:52

That is wh-- damnit...

kowalski_afc Day 1,108, 23:09

@ Daniel Dodge
I have same point of view, but from another side: i didn't saw any proof or evidence that Aotearoa is doing some bad things. As you know, i'm ex eSerbian, but is that means that i'm bad? By your words, it means.
You want proof and evidence that Aotearoa is doing something good? And i'm asking for evidence that Aotearoa is making something bad. It's the same thing, just from another side.
If they don't want to talk with you, maybe you need to think why it is like that. Personally, i survive many accusations from all sides, therefore i didn't do anything. Therefore i'm helping to ebabies of eNZ, therefore i want just to calm things. So, i have a feeling that we started from wrong idea that "you are guilty until you don't prove that you are innocent". Is that democracy?
I'm sure that if your party (and believe me, i didn't even look to which you belong) get majority, other parties will moan maybe the same or something similar. Because it's politics.
The point is: if you are accusing someone, don't accuse him because of your suspicion, give us proofs and evidences. Like this, it's simply annoying to part of citizens of eNew Zealand.

kowalski_afc Day 1,108, 23:13

I'm sorry for another post, but:
I'm completely supporting the idea of political battle. You need to organize, to attract people, and if you take the congress, to make it by your own.
Like this, you are just doing it wrong. I saw some articles where is a call to fall under TO of Australia. Do you know what that means? Do you agree with such idea? And why you agree or disagree with that? I can give you the link to that article if you want.

Jacobo Gronaven
Jacobo Gronaven Day 1,108, 14:33

"a call to fall under TO of Australia"

Citation needed.

Adam Reese
Adam Reese Day 1,108, 14:41

"I believe that we should get Australia to completely conquer us, as soon as they have occupied all our regions, we return to the map through RW."

Jacobo's own words.

kowalski_afc Day 1,109, 23:04

@ Jacobo Gronaven
Do you need a link to your own newspapers?

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