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Stay Classy Canada.

Day 2,147, 15:06 Published in Canada Canada by Majial

From the outside looking in this was a very odd election initially there were two very strong and passionate candidates who obviously had very focussed (albeit different) visions for the future of the country , Then due to pettiness and sniping from both sides it all collapsed in a heap of *wtf dude????*

*pictured: a heap*

It was very strange to me watching all of this especially due to how the eUS had structured it's elections for quite some time they decided every month who should be president and only certain people were allowed to run plus everyone was directed to vote accordingly , It was a necessary evil at the time due to RGR and his Serbian buttbuddies . This election in eCan however actually looked and behaved like actual rl politics , Forget the backstabbing , mudslinging , name calling and hair pulling people not only seemed to have a choice but they were damn vocal about it too.

Personally I would have liked to see how the DMV3 and Acacia Mason election would have turned out it would have been enlightening to see real numbers showing where eCan stood a month after the outsider came in and got elected but due to everyone going home and taking their toys with them that will never be known.

I have to say Addy coming in and taking the torch and running with it was probably the best thing that happened in the long run , It stopped long time Canadians looking at all of us poor immigrants and seeing a political threat (well so far at least) and it gave everyone a focus toward working on Canadas future as a country.

As I said in my last article I refrained from voting this month as the politics were way too muddy for an outsider to come in and try to influence the outcome especially considering how we were viewed at the time , I do however look forward to next month when I feel my opinion will be relevant and accepted .

Keep it classy Canada your politics may be strange but at least they're damn honest.



Majial Day 2,147, 15:10

First reserved for me cos I rock as a rock.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 2,147, 15:22

Well, we can always resume the mud slinging next month. Thanks for the plug.

Majial Day 2,147, 15:25

It was nice to see an election where everyone voted without direction and it still ended up well and not looking like the aftermath of a 5 yr olds birthday party 🙂 Mudslinging is always fun tho , Thank you for the vote !

PilgrimX Day 2,147, 15:30

new here too didnt vote either since it only seemed fair. i´ll skip more votes if i have too until you guys are comfortable with us new people here. i´ll just mind my work and fight for you guys for now. take care all 🙂

Majial Day 2,147, 15:32

Ugh how did you escape from your cage? do I have to use the duct tape again?

Majial Day 2,147, 15:35

Besides I think the whole refraining from voting was only viable this month due to the original candidates and the furor surrounding that campaign trail , vote your lil heart out 😛

PilgrimX Day 2,147, 15:34

did it work last time ?

Majial Day 2,147, 15:35

no but it was funny.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 2,147, 16:57

I think it speaks volumes that politics are considered "strange" here in eCanada when compared to the eUSA. eCan actually- has- politics, eUSA has a terrible 'Unity' machine juggernaut that churns out candidates in dark lit back rooms.

Majial Day 2,147, 17:40

Indeed then in the 1st free elections in months one candidate ran *for Unity* and won because people voted Unity out of habit .

Dillan Stone
Dillan Stone Day 2,147, 18:15

Considering both the eUSA's crazy unity bull, and the RL USA's rectal-cranial inversion politics, it's just a fact that Americans don't do democracy well. We need to learn from Canuckistan. xD

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 2,147, 18:17

Voted. Welcome to the jungle.

Comment deleted

Muglack Day 2,147, 20:13

It's not the first time that both early candidates dropped out by the time PP's were required to lock in their picks and it won't be the last.

It's pretty common in eCanada for any candidate who announces before the 1st to not be on the ballot on the 5th.

Majial Day 2,147, 20:55

It's the first time of note .(obviously)

Sal T. Balls
Sal T. Balls Day 2,148, 01:32

"due to everyone going home and taking their toys with them that will never be known"

Oh, I don't know if the actors were gone. Soon I'll release an un-muddy, impartial and short version of the election that will undoubtedly prove it!

Until then, voted!

Fitisin Day 2,149, 09:26

From my seat in the stadium, it seemed like a pretty civilized election to me.

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