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Status of eIndia

Day 1,834, 22:23 Published in India India by Skidude01

eIndia's economy still remains strong with many rupees (77277.81) still in the national bank, but very little gold (0.21). The territories are producing a large amount of food and weapon materials, cattle being the main product.

Congratulations to all parties participating in congress and especially to YUUVA India which topped the voting with a massive 48% in the elections. Sadly the bill for the minimum income was not passed and still remains at 0.99 INR.


eIndia currently has no Natural Enemy and has alliances with Portugal, Australia, China, Romania, Croatia and Greece. India has recently recaptured Kerala from Thai command, ending the latest Resistance War in eIndia. eIndia is not currently involved in any battles.


eIndia citizenship number has reached a record of 913 with 14 citizens today. Citizens in eIndia have and average Experience Level of 16.



Skidude01 Day 1,834, 22:25

I hope this is an improvement on yesterdays report if so please tell me along with what I can do to improve my articles

Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,834, 22:54

good going...... possibly adding images will be good 🙂

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,835, 05:00

yea.. add some images...

and by the way.. india has its treasury secret..... : P

Lonqu Day 1,835, 06:57

Good job. o7

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,835, 07:26

Yeah, it's so secret that nobody knows where 600,000 INR went.

ShockWavve Day 1,835, 09:54

Lol Addy 😛

Skidude01 Day 1,835, 21:44


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