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Day 651, 17:21 Published in USA Belgium by Kylero
From the Desk of the US Green Party President


At the midterm of my Presidency, I wish to address the US Green Party, on matters that pertain to the current state of affairs within the party. First, I am more than pleased to see that the eUSA has pushed back from the brink and reclaimed much of its former territory. Those were dark days, and we weathered through them together. I commend President Emerick for his leadership and strategy throughout this war, and hope to see him be re-elected if he so choses to run again. During the darkest days of the war, our population was severely reduced, as people woke up to find themselves in foreign territory. Because of this, party politics became irrelevant, as we didn't know if it would end tomorrow. Party memberships took huge hits, especially when New Jersey fell. This is to explain our much lower membership count since I've taken office. However, I am proud to announce to you today that the US Green Party is now the 9th largest party in the eUSA! We have broken the top ten for the first time in months. On a related note, during my term, our very own Astra Kat G was elected to Congress, making her the first Green to do so. She is representing us well in Congress, and we look forward to great things from her!

The Green Party website is running smoothly and works to address the needs of Green Party members in a timely manner. The party org, GreenPAC, is still at the disposal of Green Party members who require assistance, be it food or other items. I am proud to share with you all that through GreenPAC, I have personally set up a weapons company, The Gun Rack, that produces weapons and sells them at the cheapest rates on the market, by AT LEAST $1 less than the next cheapest weapon. I work for a dollar a day, and personally finance the company, I do not use party funds. The Gun Rack has sold weapons as cheap as $5.25! This is to not only help the war effort, but to encourage other weapons manufacturers to stop gouging the market.

As far as growing the party as fast as I wished to, I would like to refer anyone to the ginormous war that we are in. I found it in the best interest of the country not to push large-scale recruitment ads when the country was in a perilous moment. I do, however, wish for this party to grow and retain as quickly as possible. So I encourage anyone who hasn't found a party yet, or just feels out of place in their current party to consider joining the Green Party. We are really cool people, I swear!

My best, and as always...


US Green Party President


Jerry James
Jerry James Day 651, 18:27

cool story bro.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 651, 19:30

Thanks, Kylero, and thanks for the update. 🙂

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 652, 13:06

I know this might change soon, but right now we're 8th ranked in the nation!

That's pretty amazing, considering when I joined, with about 100 members, we used to be 10th ranked.

Kylero Day 652, 14:25

I know right?! Its all about retention, which is what this party apparently has. I'd like to say that we are about 73.2% non-zombie. lolz.

Jahadyn Day 652, 16:53

Do you have a pamphlet? I would like to know more about your positions on the issues. 😃

Dottie Day 652, 20:42

riveting tale chap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ceroko Day 653, 12:41

Cool story >😃

Serbdude Day 653, 16:23

Keep up the good work

megabaseballdork Day 653, 20:49

Joined 🙂

Derek Neuewolf
Derek Neuewolf Day 654, 18:09

<a href="" target="_blank">[..]756/1</a> Press onward and fight my comrades

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