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State of eNK

Day 1,953, 08:45 Published in North Korea Nigeria by Bob Wu

State of eNK: First, I would like to say that we need to support Dawenxi by all means for president. Definetly campaign. Next, I contacted ZY1524, and asked him/her a few trivial questions... Why she wanted to be party president in the first place, what she has done, who are the people who voted for her, etc.. She hasn't responded and I have asked her these questions a few days ago. She's obviously trying to dodge these questions. If you believe in justice, vote for a resistance member for party president in the Nyan Cat Revolution! I also want to ask my readers something... who is the leader of this Chinese PTOer group? What are they formally known as? Can you tell me anything else about them? I've been playing this game for quite a while, but still haven't gotten these answers. That shows the level of transparency that this group has.

What you can do:
Vote for Dawexi for country president
Contact me or TurtleShroom, and say you want to join the resistance
Press more of these hard questions on the PTOers(who have the power)

Also, I have an idea. Why not pay China (the appropriate amount of money) to have our land back?



Socrates Groucho
Socrates Groucho Day 1,953, 08:54


Lerdii Day 1,953, 13:43

V+s, i think it's good idea to pay China.. but five days before next congres elections.. and to give them 30 golds per month(one teritorie).

KevinYu Day 1,953, 17:32

I feel terrible be'coz you don;t ask me anything about the Country presidency, U know, I am the party president of NK Girls, which is the 4th of eNK.

Beat Dawenxi and Vote for me! I am the top leader of this country and will do sth for you!

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,954, 05:27

That is because you are rich.

TurtleShroom Day 1,954, 13:31

Kevin, you aren't in the Resistance, You're just another Chinese PTO buttkisser, and besides, you're too sexist to allow men into your "No Boys Allowed" party.

T.Pacl Day 1,954, 09:27

Where is 30 gold from? You will pay it personally?

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,954, 10:46

Well I would pay all of my gold, and I don't think that would be hard to arrange. We could do donations. Well of course you wouldn't donate, but others would.

dawenxi Day 1,954, 12:36

Oh,Thanks very much for your support~!
As about the money issue, It is not about the money.
eChina is facing threaten from west.
They dont wanna be attacked from east side.
Their logic is if we can not defend our region, like be taken by airstrike, they will be attacked from east side.
Maybe we can talk with eChina after the Gold Mine Competition ends.

TurtleShroom Day 1,954, 13:30

I agree with paying China. Unless China gets the bajeebers KO'ed out of them by the increasingly aggressive Serbs again, we should consider a purchase. Indeed, China will be at war soon, AND WE MAKE OUR LOVE THERE.

(I don't understand the new gimmicks, like the airstrikes someone needs to contact me and teach me.)

Alan Wong
Alan Wong Day 1,954, 22:30

All resistances against china you talked about are only about bribing china?

SenorAlfonse Day 1,955, 08:21

Why fight a grubby war when you have GOLD?!

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,955, 08:34

Don't think of it as a bribe. We want our land, and they want their stinking money. It's that simple.

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