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Day 1,903, 04:55 Published in Ireland Greece by Dion Papa

70 years ago the Red Army finally defeated the fascists at the famous battle of Stalingrand.After 200 days of battle,the remaining Nazi soldiers gave up fighting.Stalingrand is considered to be the most violent and blooded battle of World War 2.
We mustn't forget the people that sacrifised themselves,so we can be free!



MUFC992 Day 1,903, 05:35

Yeah death to fascism.
In the same time communists had concentration camps in Russia and Easter Europe. Stalin killed more people then Hitler, communists crimes have never been taken under the law until now in most of countries...

So how is communism better then fascism? I mean in practice, theory is another thing...

Caio Veras
Caio Veras Day 1,903, 05:46

Dead to the reds.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,903, 06:08

I really hope someone will invent time machine so you can go back to Stallin Russia and enjoy the freedom that Stallin was so known for.

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,903, 06:37


Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,903, 06:40

"Hurray for dictatorship"?

Yorgoth Day 1,903, 06:44

I am not a communist myself but I believe that everyone knows that Communism is way different than "Stalinism". And since the battle of Stalingrand played a major role in Hitler's defeat, I guess we all have to thank the Russian men and women that gave their lives to defend us from the nazis along with all the free people that stood against nazism and fascism.

MikiST Day 1,903, 07:15

In Croatia every now and then bodies were found in caves and buried trenches. Bodies of POW and civilians executed without trial by communists after WWII.
I grow up in communist country (Croatia was 'till 1991. part of Yugoslavia) and it wasn't land of honey and milk.
On the other hand liberal capitalism that we "enjoyed" today is even worse 😃

Dion Papa
Dion Papa Day 1,903, 09:32

Anarchy for a free humanity my friends!!
You see,if we don't destroy the states,we will never be free people.
I don't like Stalin and I am not a communist!!
And communism is completely different from Stalinism.
I wrote this article for the fallen soldiers not for the presidents or dictators!

Stefo P
Stefo P Day 1,903, 11:13

V. As an anarchist I don't like Stalin and I agree that he was the same shit with Hitler. I vote the aricle because it talk about 2.000.000 people who died there in the name of freedom and not because I like Stalin. When those people were killing by Nazi he was drinking Votka.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,903, 12:38

Stalin is to Communism as the Church is to Religion.

However, the only good nazi is a dead nazi so props to the brave souls that helped to exterminate fascism! o/

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,904, 23:27

Raven says is perfectly


Efialtis theDemocrat
Efialtis theDemocrat Day 1,904, 00:13

If u tolarate this ....

Stefo P
Stefo P Day 1,904, 03:43

What do you mean?

Struis Vogel
Struis Vogel Day 1,904, 04:19

Hitler killded innocents all over Europe, Stalin killed innocents in Europe, Johnson killed innocents in Vietnam and so on. I think it's possible to find a way to kill people and get away with it in every ideology.

Therefore, let's just honor the Russian people who fought in Stalingrad without thinking about who was leading their country.

Dion Papa
Dion Papa Day 1,904, 12:03


The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Day 1,904, 13:35

My great uncle fought at Stalingrad but not for Stalin's bloody horde and I am proud of that legacy. I consider myself a socialist but I don't believe Stalin's state and policy should be endorsed by anyone. Stalin was the only capable person to lead the Soviet Union in time of crisis at that time. I will not deny that, but only because he had purged all the other viable alternatives. Even after Stalin's reign one can notice a lack of of capable people in key leadership role in the Soviet state.Different people fought for different things.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,904, 15:40

^I completely agree. He destroyed socialism by exiling and murdering all competition, leaders that were actually around during the revolution and truly believed in Marxist principles. Leon Trotsky was one of them, and is well looked at negatively by some for his handling of rebels during the civil war after the revolution, but wasn't insane like Stalin. Before Trotsky's assassination in Mexico he even admitted some of his cut-throat methods of the past were a bit too much.

But the point is not to celebrate Stalin, as a leader who has never shed a tear or ounce of blood for his people never deserves to be celebrated. The point is to honor the men and women who didn't die for Stalin, but rather to protect their friends and families from the Nazi invasion.

Dion Papa
Dion Papa Day 1,905, 03:25

+Raven Anarcho
I agree with you.I wrote this article to honour the fallen soldiers,not the fallen leaders.

Dion Papa
Dion Papa Day 1,905, 03:26

Also Stalin was responsible for thousands murders.And I believe he wasn't a communist.He didn't differ from Hitler!

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