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Speak out...the ARP on the rise!

Day 1,946, 04:13 Published in Australia USA by mikeharris

This is my first article as spokesperson for the Australian Revolutionary Party! I want to introduce myself shortly. I am mikeharris - a citizen of eAustralia and always have been. I am devoted to seeing eAustralia made great and my contribution to this great party is a testament to that.

My goal as spokesperson is to make the ARP the leading political party in eAustralia. Although under great leadership in the past it is already the number 2 party in the country - I believe that we should strive to become number 1 as we should be! I will be my goal to make this happen and recruit new members to our great party.

What I ask of my fellow party members is that you would be aware of new members to our party and make them feel welcome!

Well as this article draws to a close - I wish you all peace and happiness wherever you may be...

Over and out...



Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,946, 23:54

Good luck mate.

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