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Sparta Kratos is Gone

Day 450, 17:43 Published in Canada Canada by Killswitch

Well, Sparta is gone. Former President of Brazil who mysteriously came here, Sparta is now off to exploit Serbia. He's there problem now. Most of the PEACE players who mysteriously came here have now left. Who knows why the came here. All I've heard is that they might of had to do with the surprisingly high election turnout. Thoughts? Comments?



Antio Fontaine
Antio Fontaine Day 450, 17:49

Like a lot of players, he seem to see the creation of new countries as a chance to restart as an already influential member of a new country.

Interestingly, Dean22 is doing the same in Singapore...

Besim Begovic
Besim Begovic Day 450, 18:08

I'm going to do the same when they make eBosnia. (IF they make an eBosnia)

Bruck Day 450, 18:31

He was the President of an already very powerful nation and did not go to Serbia to get a fresh start

And yes, they had a lot to do with the record voter turn out

Antio Fontaine
Antio Fontaine Day 450, 19:01

Thats why I said a Start as an already influential person.

With his lvl and experience, it would be easy for him to take over.

Dean is trying the same as we speak in Singapore...

Bruck Day 450, 19:08

Except one has the support of an alliance and one is an outcast and alone

Antio Fontaine
Antio Fontaine Day 450, 19:51

I don't see how it affects what I said. I just pointed out his ambitions.

Bruck Day 450, 20:50

I'm trying to point out the fact that they are two very different situations

Except maybe that neither are welcome in Canada 😛

Eric Gunn
Eric Gunn Day 450, 21:22

I'm getting to like this game a lot...

So basically they came over to elect someone? What could they gain from that? What could the elected party gain?

SensibleVoices Day 450, 22:25

I think they failed miserably this time Eric...

Mikica Day 451, 06:24

SK and his supporting alliance understand importance of controlling Serbia... that's why he's there now.

Bruck Day 451, 07:49


If they "failed miserably" who do you propose they were voting for?

Antio Fontaine
Antio Fontaine Day 451, 08:40

I think he meant in terms of effect.

Electing a eCanadian PM with a platform almost identical to its opponents is... well not really an accomplishment.

Vincent Lagoza
Vincent Lagoza Day 452, 09:08

He is the top citizen in Serbia, I wonder how long he will last there

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