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Sons of Liberty: Meet Your Leader!

Day 1,918, 16:56 Published in USA USA by Mungo Monroe

As many of you already know, I am running for party president of the newly-formed Sons of Liberty, where I am already the spokesman. I think it's best for everyone to better understand me and where I'm coming from. I joined last month, so I am what you may call a 'n00b'. However, I implore all of you to not underestimate me. Already, I study our nation's great history, looking for ways to improve our nation now. Obviously, I am a true patriot (but not a True Patriot) and I am dedicated to the eUSA's triumph over the evils of the world. That's why I am running, to propel our party to the national stage, to lead our people into victory! I will restate what I have said before: what we desire for the eUSA is not just an okay nation. We want a superpower!

In the next election, vote for the future. Vote for Mungo Monroe.

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Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,919, 07:27

I am glad to see some taking a leadership role in SoL...I was once a proud member of this party...good to see you moving away from the AFA....

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,919, 07:27!

Tiberius Eastmarch
Tiberius Eastmarch Day 1,920, 13:35

This is a new party no affiliation with the old one

Schubacca Day 1,946, 16:05


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