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Songs from the Last Line

Day 2,150, 23:51 Published in USA USA by Aramec

A disclaimer: I'm trying something new and going to write some original poetry from the roleplayed point of view of an American citizen. This is the first attempt. Let me know what you think.


We fought
like waves against a pond,
balancing leaves on our surfaces
that spoke gentle circles in our traced reflection.

Each seed
falling through this molten
cooling river glass
would dribble down along the pebbled lanes
where all our thoughts amassed.

In Eden's arms we dreamt with grace -
the night so blown away
from our now near drawn shores -
and talked with gods of bigger things
while their frowns pretended smiles
like atheists in foxholes.

we watched the walls close out our promised friends

like storms we danced between new lands and struck

we never stayed
nor cared
for as the sand gives into water
so we gave
to our recompense.

And now
empty cups
and plastic wrappings,
plastered names and bastard games
and no where left to run


There upon the murk and mire
we stew in indignation,
settled in our stillborn nation,
given to our reservations
of what we all must know.

We are dead bones
drifting through the sinew curtains of a former skin
and cannot
to let the hammer strike the pin
and give us all a primer
in what
we should
have done.

Feel free to give me feedback.

Thank you for your indulgence.



Grant van der Merwe
Grant van der Merwe Day 2,151, 05:24

Wow, Aramec; thanks for writing and sharing this. The poem has an uneasy quality to it, as the meters shift and the imagery clashes -- the speaker seems to strive for the sublime and some sense of higher purpose, whilst being progressively pulled back toward the "murk and mire". The ambiguity of the ending is chilling.

Very nice -- who knew we had a poet in our midst!

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,151, 07:18

Nice! Voted 😃

Malarkey83 Day 2,151, 11:27


Haselrig Day 2,151, 12:20


Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,151, 15:48

Very Nice!

BOUD1CCA Day 2,151, 16:27

That is excellent.
I am really impressed.
I love good poetry \o/

"they calmly scoff at swords & thrones
pr else in panic strikes & slays
Blatent bids the world bow down
or, cringing begs a crust of praise"

Your poem is nearly as good as that one \o/

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 2,152, 03:43


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