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Someone noticed I changed the name of my Newspaper

Day 1,614, 09:30 Published in India Finland by Akshit Thakur
😛 kissi ne note bhi kiya 😛


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,614, 09:36

kissi ne note kiya ki maine first comment kiya ?? : P

RorschachK Day 1,614, 10:09

kisi ne note kiya ki abhinay ka naya dp uske cmmnts ko suit karta hai?? : P

troj4n20 Day 1,614, 15:32

please someone notice that i changed my pic also! : P was previously broly, now am the joker! xD

Jelen od Potoka
Jelen od Potoka Day 1,615, 05:13


Shakti Rocks
Shakti Rocks Day 1,615, 06:30

Someone noticed I changed my citizenship xD

Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Day 1,615, 17:10

GL in eBulgaria Shakti

Xicor13 Day 1,616, 02:17

Someone noticed Im still the same after so much time has passed 😛

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