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Someone Needs to Explain

Day 1,781, 09:42 Published in Philippines Philippines by Prince Terence II
October 5, 2012
Day 1,781 of the New World

Article by Prince Terence II

I thought all this battles with Taiwan is just part of some training war or of something like that. But, just hours ago, this country was completely wiped off by the said country.

I have seen much, but someone needs to explain something.


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Avenger35 Day 1,781, 10:17

Explaining already made. Please read more first...

Prince Terence II
Prince Terence II Day 1,781, 10:20

Yes. I know they are renting "some regions" as stated in the article, but "some" does not mean "all". We have been wiped out off the map.

Krazier Day 1,781, 11:03

This doesn't necessarily have to be bad as resistance wars are part of the mission. So we can just take back the regions which are not part of the agreement and everything should be fine.

Larabelle Day 1,781, 11:53

^ so when do we start the resistance wars? the missions will end at the end of day 1785. it's already day 1781 people.

Eldarion Sionnodel
Eldarion Sionnodel Day 1,781, 12:27

i will explain when time comes.

Prince Terence II
Prince Terence II Day 1,781, 12:52

Why keep it secret? Why not tell us now? And why have battles in a Presidential Election Day?

Sorry to ask these questions, I am just curious.

BasilanWhiteDevil Day 1,781, 15:24

details should be given... technical details...

rosmant-0 Day 1,781, 16:37

Eldarion, the people don't like that you're keeping secrets, especially if it concerns our regions. You owe us an explanation now. Not when the time comes, NOW. You're not helping to allay the fears of the public by keeping it secret.

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,781, 18:28

Just trust him for now. He knows what he's doing (I hope).

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,781, 18:29

Also, I want to join the Philippine Press Club! How? 😃

AlexSkopje Day 1,781, 22:08


we need answers, NOW

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,781, 23:33

The resistance war in Luzon has started. Fight hard if you want it freed.

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,781, 23:46

Is the philippine press club still alive? if not, lets revive it

RaymondN Day 1,782, 00:42


Talk now explain later.

bercdo Day 1,782, 02:44

not just trust eldarion trust your freely elected congressman they all voted this and they know what they are doing.

Etheridge Day 1,782, 03:40

so, should we start freeing luzon?

BasilanWhiteDevil Day 1,782, 03:52

@etheridge -yep and have fun with it... sayang rin yung bonus and binayaran yang RW soo its only best to put it to good use

Etheridge Day 1,782, 07:08

I already finished all my missions.

I'm not going to waste my bazoos and energy. I'm just going to complete DO. anyways, only a few people are fighting.

Destroyer S87
Destroyer S87 Day 1,782, 09:36

Do not worry my friends, everything will be clear in a matter of hours. I am waiting for several responses before making an official statement.

Eldarion Sionnodel
Eldarion Sionnodel Day 1,782, 09:53

This plan is mine and Destroyer's common plan so don't worry we really think about ePhilippines.

Revilo X
Revilo X Day 1,782, 19:27

I think I will wait for the official statement about this.
I hope it will be soon.

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