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Day 2,051, 07:02 Published in Bolivia Switzerland by Sisk
Hello !!!
In the day 1,905 i have started my trip around the eWorld and since then i have visited 63 countries. I am writing this article to ask for an feedback about my TRIP. Leave a comment about : if i made any problems or if i respected what i have told when i have asked for cs.
All articles for the every country can be found here .
Thnx for your time to comment this article .
PS :: you are all invited to comments and share this article .
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P A T R I O TA Day 2,051, 07:23


Here is another player who is asking the CS eBolivia ... and seems to have more countries than you!
LUCK! I know you can win! : D

PDCI98 Day 2,051, 07:38

I gave Italian citizenship at sisk and I can guarantee that he's a good person, not a takeoverator. If applying for citizenship to any country I suggest you accept it!!!

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 2,051, 07:42

I gave him Egyptian citizenship and he was completely honest.

Latvian Destroyer
Latvian Destroyer Day 2,051, 07:43

I gave cs in Latvia, and had no problems with him. Gl in further traveling/playing...

SpikyJade2700 Day 2,051, 07:44

Good trip so far.
But you will never get an eNorth Korean CS <_<

Mentalist de Bucovina
Mentalist de Bucovina Day 2,051, 07:44

It's nice to be a globe trotter.
Good luck in your travel and God bless you!

FrogR6 Day 2,051, 07:47


AragonDaisengar Day 2,051, 07:48


GREECEEMPIRE Day 2,051, 07:51


Kalif Batan
Kalif Batan Day 2,051, 07:54

As a long time Minister of Interior and Immigration, it was my job to find PTOers. I can surely say, that sisk was completely honest and there was not a single problem, when i gave him the eGerman CS!

Dardan81 Day 2,051, 08:02


t0t0gt Day 2,051, 08:03

success in your campaign!!

desttrocto Day 2,051, 08:07

Voted my friend!!!!

Indigodavo95 Day 2,051, 08:10

There was no problems with you in eNorway as i know...
You only was here a few day maybe 2 or 3, but you got your BH and then you was gone again 🙂
welcome back..!

Kaad Day 2,051, 08:11

Worldwide star!

SKYJACKED Day 2,051, 08:16

was in e-NL briefly , got a medal , donated food and after a few days he was upon his e-worldtour again.

goodluck on your travels m8

Craaks Day 2,051, 08:17

Hello i am Craaks citizen of France. Sisk was a very good citizen in efrance and he has been involved in a deciseve battle for france. I am proud to be the one who accepted his citizenship request in France. God be with you my friend

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 2,051, 08:37

I accepted Sisk's CS in ePhilippines, and I can say that he was good during his stay here, following all our rules.

Just a comment though. I feel that he spent quite a short time here, shorter than what I expected. He left after getting a BH I think, Unfortunately, he didn't hold contest here which I was looking forward to.

But still overall, I think his stay here was great, and if he'd like, he can come back to ePH again (well, after we get congress.)

John TG
John TG Day 2,051, 08:45

I gave Sisk an israeli citizenship, he was completely honest!
Have fun in your e-trip!

destructorimperator91 Day 2,051, 08:53

voted my friend !

LarsUlrich87 Day 2,051, 08:58

i gave him austrian cs and it was a nice time having him here.

all the best to u, globetrotter o7

Stijn Puttemans
Stijn Puttemans Day 2,051, 09:39

I gave him Belgian citizenship and he was completely honest.

Radsoc Day 2,051, 09:54

Voted. He contributed to the community.

Saints XI
Saints XI Day 2,051, 09:55

Sisk is very cool player and when he introduced his plan, I was all for it so I gave him a citizenship. He got BH for our side and I'm glad he did. Hope he had fun on his epic journey.

mialcam Day 2,051, 10:43

to much countries, to much friends

congrats friend

i gave him mexican cs

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 2,051, 11:14

Greetings from eMalaysia..

At first,i'm doubting him because we are always facing PTOers problem..but i started to trust him after he show me the proof of his journey and promised me that he will go to another country after he get his jobs done..

I gave him our CS,and just after that,he throw his damage for us,got BH,and published an article about his trip..and next couple hours,he already gone to another country..what a short visit.. xD

Last but not least,i want to thank him for his honest and willing to come here eventhough it's only just for a while..i hope he can achieve what he aiming are always welcome here in future bro..all the best.. o7

PAUL ANTONY Day 2,051, 11:22


k.v.i.z Day 2,051, 11:25

I gave to Sisk Russian citizenship
He achieved a BH for Russia, also he is a good man )

metafisis Day 2,051, 11:55

full respect

congrat friend \m/

I gave him Indonesian citizenship

Vroteier9 Day 2,051, 11:58

good to see your still going on with your trip.

ArslanbekSultanbekov Day 2,051, 13:07

I gave to Sisk turkey citizenship

He achieved a BH for turkey, also he is a good man )


tori01 Day 2,051, 13:36

I'm happy that I gave to you, albanian citizenship.


GameChanger Day 2,051, 15:31

I gave Sisk CS in the United Kingdom. His journey has provided entertainment at a time when the game seems stale. His enthusiasm ought to show the rest of us how to approach the game, by being active, positive citizens.

Well done Sisk!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 2,051, 21:46

I'm happy to help you achieve your goal. (:
Best wishes from eCanada!

offside Day 2,051, 21:59

voted. hope you can get eC cs soon.

good luck

Lord Scego
Lord Scego Day 2,052, 00:49

Well done I remember from the Start !

Hail Sisk !

Bonus Pater Familias
Bonus Pater Familias Day 2,052, 10:45


Princess Kaelyn
Princess Kaelyn Day 2,053, 02:38

very nice Sisk...I hope that you will stay more around here hehehe...o7;)

Tsahi K
Tsahi K Day 2,068, 17:50

have fun, good guy 🙂

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