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Day 2,172, 10:34 Published in Belgium United Kingdom by NLSP
Dear reader,
For those that work now and then in their own companies, it has become clear that you earn fewer goods for the same hard work. Those that are slightly more active, know that this is related to the 'bonuses' you receive from having regions. eBe's most fervent readers have seen in a few articles that eBe is occupied after eBelgian voted a NE on Poland.
It might be of interest for you, our dedicated reader, to see why this happened, how long this will take and what eBe's greatest CP candidate, NLSP , has to say about it. This topical edition of The Weekly Prophet, will center these important issues.

Keyser Söze, Editor for The Weekly Prophet.
Honouring our glorious founder, NLSP, since 2010.

The PTO and the Wipe, an analysis by (rk)
Some may like it and some may dislike it, but it is a fact that eBe is more than 3 regions on the servers of eRepublik Labs. There is a famous 'forum', where a whole new set of additional rules and benefits to this game were created. Some were with noble intentions, some with less noble intentions. Some are important for you, some are a waste of time. Among these things there are 'procedures for Congress Members', 'Citizen Programs', ... that at certain times force congress members and eBe citizens who want to be part of the community, to give up a little bit of their freedom. Some congress members have the opinion however that they do not have to abide by these and it is true, the eRepublik game doesn't force them to follow it. But this can in certain circumstances hurt eBelgium.
One thing is very essential: immigration. Players of eRepublik have known for a long amount of time, a minority group of well organised players may attempt to take over the control of a nation, solely for personal gain. This is called a PTO. When a country is under a PTO, they can loose the whole treasury and make it impossible for all other players to participate to the 'political life', resulting in a form of resistance from other players. Therefore, eBelgium has initiated a lot of procedures to protect its citizens from people with malicious intents.

NLSP, What is so bad about this PTO, are they not just players with the same rights as the rest to play this game?
They have rights to play this game, but their goal is to limit the ability of the majority to play this game and can result in the following consequences for eBelgium:
😉 No money for citizen packs (something that all eBe citizens can receive)
😉 No money for supplies when liberating regions
😉 No money for loans (you can receive a loan from the state, to help you with building factories, buying training contracts, or upgrading training facilities)
😉 No money for national MU's (including our army, the BNA, and our young citizen assistance MU, ABC)
😉 ...
Is that so bad? well, it is unfair that some players receive all the gold for being a member of 'a closed club', and all other citizens don't receive anything. Of course in the current eBelgium system, you also have limitations; some persons will receive more than you in state support, but that depends on your personal choices and if you want, you can make choices that make you eligible. Sometimes you need to be on the forum, or you need to be below a certain level. There are limitations, to give all kinds of eBe citizens the support they need.

But what is wrong with this, if a majority of the eBelgian citizens wants this?
If a majority of eBelgian citizens wants to get rid of the forum or reduce the importance of the forum, this is not a problem. There are ways to get this done. However, there is not such a majority for the moment.

So, there is in eBelgium currently a minority that wants to do a PTO?
There are extremely strong indications that this is true and certain players have admitted to have planned this/threatened to do this. This is the reason that our current CP decided to go for the most severe option now: getting rid of our regions.

You never talk clearly about your idea in this!
I try to voice my nuanced opinion as well as possible, but it is a complex situation. I do not want eBe to wiped. A wiped eBe is an eBe with less fun and fewer abilities to play this game. However, the need for measurements was extremely dire and there were not a lot of options available. I want this wipe to be over as fast as possible! But, there are conditions that need to be fulfilled BEFORE this wipe is over. To sum these up:
😉 The PTO-threat has to be gone
😉 There is a consensus not to give eBelgian citizenship to everyone randomly. I am not saying that the procedure for citizenship needs to be forum-bound, I just say that there is need of a procedure that is respected by everyone.
😉 eBelgium does not have any longer a financial situation where all its assets can disappear if the CP wants to run away with it.
😉 eBelgium has a lot of money currently, this needs to be kept redistributed among citizens in a fair way.
😉 liberation of eBe wouldn’t harm other COT-campaigns
So I will work very hard to have this wipe undone as fast as possible, however if you expect me to do this wipe immediately without any improvements then you will be disappointed. In that case, our citizens have suffered without any results.

So how can we identify these people?
That is not always so easy to say. We know of certain people who are involved with this. We also suspect some other people to be involved. Some people blame whole groups for this, and that is wrong. A group is not responsible for the actions of a few individuals in this group! There is nothing wrong with the majority of the party members in RB, TBD, HOPE, PANDA, ATO, UU, … There are a few people in eBe that have bad intentions and these are the problem, nobody else!

But why do they have so many votes if they are such a small minority?
First of all there are players that vote without thinking or knowing much, some of them might vote for them. Secondly, they have hijacked the idea that there is ‘too much forum’. There are many people that want to reduce the forum activities, while many citizens that have more time to spend on the forum or in the government are more inclined to resist such changes. By focussing on the ‘there is too much forum’-points, they receive votes from people that wouldn’t agree with their blocking the eBelgian progress and assistance. I am definitely prepared and willing to listen to all eBe citizens and to all eBe parties. I am willing to move things from the forum to in-game. I hope that people that are against using the forum so much, realise that there is no need for polarizing eBe just on this topic. There are many possibilities to improve eBelgium and a consensus can maybe be reached very fast once people start respectfully talking to each other with an open mind.

Thank you very much for your time, NLSP

So NLSP claims to be open for changes and asks for a respectful conversation that can grow into an consensus. While he doesn’t want eBe to stay wiped, he is determined that solutions need to be found and the PTO threat reduced before eBe can have regions again. The Weekly Prophet advises you to follow this request and urge people to start respectful conversations about their differences in the Honour of our Glorious Founder, NLSP. (rk)


Chihiroh Day 2,172, 11:13 least he's honest about it ^^

First questions: What is your view about the past government's approach to fight that announced PTO? What will be yours? Can we expect transparency?

NLSP Day 2,172, 19:11

There have been many different attempts, some successful some less successful in the last months. However, due to many factors, they were not executed to the bitter end. The past government has made a choice that severely limits the next government's options and that is a situation we have to accept. Based on the situation we are in, I will, together with a team of eBe's finest, try to solve this to the best of our abilities. I will try to be transparent about things, but a CP does need time and in some cases transparency is luxury that can't be afforded, since informing the eBe citizens about your plans, would also inform the 'pto-ers' about your plans.

Lorcema Day 2,172, 12:39

Do you want to move forum things to in-game using media? Because I'm planning to TO news TOP5.
Hire me, or die. 😉

NLSP Day 2,172, 19:13

Personally I don't think that there is much room to move forum-things to in-game, so I do not want this. However, I am willing to listen and prepared to find a compromise. My personal opinion doesn't have to be followed at all times.

Lorcema Day 2,172, 19:36

You are too serious guy 😉

NLSP Day 2,173, 05:47

guilty as charged ^^

MaryamQ Day 2,172, 19:36

Although there have been some changes in-game that make the forum somewhat less necessary to communication than it was, it is still the most convenient arena for discussing many issues and for carrying out day to day business. You cannot mass PM the entire country. Congress votes by PM are unwieldy, and the chains become so long people stop reading them. There is no in-game chat, and people are not online all at the same time. Some things can be done in game, but it would take too long and be too inefficient to do everything that way.

Sedem.dva Day 2,172, 23:21

You went full retard, man. Never go full retard. You don't buy that?

Jeiry Day 2,173, 05:14

Good to read the opinions of a Presidential candidate before voting on these important matters. Good article NLSP.

But let's be honest, in concrete, that means that eBelgium will remain wiped during your presidency (the conditions will never be fulfilled in a month).

NLSP Day 2,173, 05:47

I always do my best to be transparent and say my opinion, even if it is often hard with the combination of the work you need to put in and practical issues where too much information hurts. This is indeed a complex situation, but you are right if you say that it is not very likely that the conditions will be fulfilled this month. I hope however, that after this month, if these conditions aren't fulfilled, we have made a lot of progress towards them.

Nick Nolte 2
Nick Nolte 2 Day 2,173, 12:52


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