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Day 1,823, 07:36 Published in USA USA by Jimmy Cincinnati

The party presidential election, at the Socialist freedom Party, was a butt-clencher. The ballots are still being counted and it may be a tie, resulting in a victory of Hampton H. Hampton over Noah Schuster.

It started off, neck and neck, with Hampton and devildog in the lead,(Hampton 6 devildog 5.) Then, Noah comes from four votes behind to tie it at (8to 8, by my last count.)

INCI, was a clencher, as well. Kemai was in the lead and alleged PTO Candidate Norbengo, trailing 69 to 61, at the last count.

Also, intelligence from inside the A.F.A. tells me that R.G.R. has won a land-slide, victory. It comes as a personal dissapointment. We, at the Socialist Freedom Party consider, rainy sunday to be an honorary member.

Here is the final results of the Party Presidential elections;

American Freedom Allience:
Ronald Gipper Regan wins 58%

American Millitary Party:
emdoublegee wins 44.57%

Federalist Party:
Bigcdizzle wins 51.53%

United States Workers Party:
Artela wins 68.42%

We The People:
John Jay wins 79.84%

Kemal Ergenekon wins 43.60%

FriendShip and honoR:
sofocle1 wins 52.65%

Socialist Freedom Party:
Hampton H. Hampton wins 34.48%

Vox Populi:
Joseph Dinero wins 58.62%

(Recently Named) Gamma Party:
Asxetoss13 wins 52.94%

Join the Socialist freedom party. (Better slogans since day900:)

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shiloh13 Day 1,823, 09:23

Good article.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,823, 14:00

SFP - the only party we really need!

fingerguns Day 1,823, 14:05


WhydoIbother Day 1,823, 14:05

Long Live the Socialist Freedom Party

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,823, 22:32

As a kid. I used to spend time at the horse races. Can you see the influence?
We are the good guys

Candor Day 1,824, 15:56

We need a new 6th party, you guys ready to take it?

SFP is a really great party. Old as dirt, second oldest party around I think??

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,824, 18:41

The feds are older, but I'm not sure about USWP.
Sixth place is where I would like to see us. Just enough to scare the crap out of everyone. 🙂
But seriously, I would like to talk about it with my comrades

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