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Day 1,816, 12:57 Published in USA USA by Jimmy Cincinnati

The Socialist Freedom Party is the True party of the revolutionary. This is the third incarnation of the party and there is no question, *There is another page to be written.*
For most, it was a purely mechanical choice. maybe they had a friend or it was the first one they clicked.
For others, it's a place to declare thier independence from an abusive state or occupying force.
I know the party has got a place on the political stage. This is the reason for my personal passion.
Whatever the reason for your passion, we would like to watch.

Here is the Run-down on the November Party Presidential elections:

There are 4 candidates for the party presidency, so far;
Noah Schuster
Hampton H. Hampton

Here is my personal and unprofessional opinion of the candidates;

Noah Schuster has shown his dedication to the party. He is a member of the Bear Cavalry, Spokesperson of the Socialist Freedom Party and Press Director for *The Peoples Words.*

Condur is a newcomer to the party. He seems to have a good mechanical idea for what needs to be conducted.

devildog79 is also a member of the Bear Cavalry. He is currently the vice-president. If anything should happen to WhydoIbother, he would be president. Like Noah, this is not his first run for the office.

Last, but not least, is Hampton H. Hampton. He is battle-hardened and returning from diplomatic action, in the congressional election.
He's packing heat so, act civil.



fingerguns Day 1,816, 14:24


Your Loving Mother
Your Loving Mother Day 1,816, 14:59

Always a treat to hear from those nice boys down at the SFP social club.
Not only will they let anyone off the street have some fun at their party but you can even get a piece of cake too.

Cake line is a bit longer than the bread line though......

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,817, 17:31

Well Done Ghost

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,817, 17:44

Thank you for the Good-Will.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,817, 19:03

All Power to the SFP!

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