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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Day 1,812, 14:04 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by Valentyme

Well my time as the Prime Minister of this country is nearly over. Its been a relatively quite month for New Zealand, minus the last few days of course. I just want to say a quick thank you to the people of this country for entrusting me to run this great eNation.

I also want to thank Dizzy Ramone and Crackshotnz, my two best friends on this game for their support throughout my term in running the MoD and other affairs of the nation. Special thanks to Spud of Doom and Kurojca for their advice on foreign and military affairs throughout my term. Without both of your wisdom, this country wouldn't be the same. Also thanks for McGinty.dc for taking on the role of SC for CoT when eNZ needed someone to appoint to that position, even though he was busy.

Its funny that as my term comes to an end, so does my actual time in New Zealand, there are only 22 more days till my plane leaves Auckland International Airport for LAX and then to SeaTac airport. Time has really gone by fast, and thanks for all the RL kiwis for having such an amazing country.



D E A N M A R T I N Day 1,812, 14:15

thanks for everything

IlichRamirezSanchez Day 1,812, 14:22

This is your mission turn for DrMr Lazzy Ass o7,
people votes and we thank people for their decission.
We came to public mission by the pdeople
And we welcome new welcoming president by the respects for people's decission
Whoever come to missions, long live liberty of New Zealand!

DrMr Lazzy Ass o7
DrMr Lazzy Ass o7 Day 1,812, 14:23


CrackShotNZ Day 1,812, 14:48

Good job this month val 🙂

Calbe Day 1,812, 16:39

Been good having you Valentyme!

McGinty.dc Day 1,812, 17:10


naxhi26 Day 1,812, 18:11

Veni, Vidi, Vici.
those are the words spoken by all great leaders.

Trento96 Day 1,812, 19:28

I'm sure he's a great guy, but DrMr Lazzy Ass doesn't sound like a great name for the president of a country...

Plitvicki Inspektor
Plitvicki Inspektor Day 1,812, 22:56

Thanks for everything :😁

DrMr Lazzy Ass o7
DrMr Lazzy Ass o7 Day 1,813, 23:45

Tnx Trento96 😉

That is a nick in a game in a eworld. Don't worry be happy ~o~

IlichRamirezSanchez Day 1,813, 00:24

We New Zeland people gave a chance to DrMr Lazzy Ass by our votes, please support him to prove his name as great name for president of country. Please we mustn't be in doubt, because votes of our countryman are holy. We must respect to decission of our contrymen's votes and support and help him to prove, we must know that supporting morale is very important for the presidency. Please let us to be united in one heart and let him to progress our country
Long live United Power of New Zealand!

DrMr Lazzy Ass o7
DrMr Lazzy Ass o7 Day 1,813, 00:44

Long live United Power of New Zealand! \o/

Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,813, 03:09

you done a great job!


Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,813, 03:36


been a pleasure working with you in PnPP


Dizzy Ramone
Dizzy Ramone Day 1,813, 05:18

let's take a shower together!

Da Dottore
Da Dottore Day 1,813, 21:51

Hail Val el Presidente o7

prettypanda Day 1,814, 01:39

Hopefully you'll rule again soon!

Connor O'Farrel
Connor O'Farrel Day 1,814, 10:59

Thanks for the good job, you made! Your power and engagement in this game are remarkable!

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