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Snippets and Whippets....

Day 1,812, 15:57 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Meklon Dramicus

Long time no speak dear readers....

I'm afraid this is another one of those posts that actually turns out to be not quite a post post, but more of an update post about future posts that may, or may not, appear in the future.

Well, it's not really.

Why am I?

This is more just a point to say I haven't forgotten you and, also, to apologise for my recent quietnessness.

Over the last week or two, I've been busy hitting towards the Merc. medal, so I've been jumping around the place a bit (Apologies should be given on missing a couple of the RN strikes here... - sowwie) but I'm slowly getting closer to that goal (16 countries left and counting)...

So, in short, expect my more outspoken return shortly... or at least something to that degree with a smattering of srs bzns posts in between.

Until that time, remember...

Well, that and...



helpmeslack Day 1,813, 03:28


WayneKerr Day 1,813, 16:48

Champions do indeed \o/

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