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smeekileaks - the ONE plan for France

Day 1,756, 09:21 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Canada by delete this
Goodevening eRepublikans,

As you all know CTRL, which includes Spain and Poland, wants nothing to do with Balkan countries, that explains why FYROM was included in the military meeting Poland and Spain had on how to carve up France.

Please find the logs below.

patacabra ¦ hi
Emily ¦ thank you for telling your government
Emily ¦ hello
Mininuns ¦ you're welcome Emily
Emily ¦ We lauched NE to eFrance too
Moreno ¦ That's good
Moreno ¦ we will have to cordinate our forces
Emily ¦ in order to expand on west, since Poland will take Rhone Alps
Mininuns ¦ and we will take MidP
Mininuns ¦ if the US want to join, Poland will make them space in the north
Emily ¦ so we will take provence alpes azur, and rousillon
Emily ¦ is that ok with you?
Emily ¦ We are all here to party with France xD
Emily ¦ \o/
Moreno ¦ o/
Prophet009 ¦ like former Spanish mofa said
Prophet009 ¦ "I can feel the great disturbance in the France"
Emily ¦ I hope that we won't have our interests faced with eSpain
Emily ¦ since on the south of France, there are only 3 regions
Emily ¦ Moreno will you reach for recourses or?
Moreno ¦ Well we will like to be near Switzerland to have an ocasion to reach cows
Moreno ¦ but it's not a priority
Moreno ¦ For that reason it won't be a problem that Macedonia conquers R A
Emily ¦ maybe we can help you reach Switzerland, but how would you connect the regions?
Mininuns ¦ Emily, having cows it's not a priodity right now, but it will in the future
Mininuns ¦ maybe we can reach an agreement
Emily ¦ Romandie?
Mininuns ¦ we do not have any problem if mkd conquers Rhone Alps and Alpes Azur if in a near future mkd leave us a way to Romandie
Emily ¦ Rhone Alps will be conquered by Poland, as far as I am informed
Mininuns ¦ there are also other ways of reaching Romandie, but i do not know if Macedonia will accept
Prophet009 ¦ unless we will find solution to pass this region for Spain
DarkoDimovski ¦ please spred it
DarkoDimovski ¦ spread
Mininuns ¦ yes, Prophet009 this can be talked
Prophet009 ¦ basically we'd like to take Rhone alps
Mininuns ¦ (im fine DarkoDimovski, thanks i couldnt answer you before)
Prophet009 ¦ but if Macedonia and Spain could find a solution and Spain will need this region we will give it to them
Prophet009 ¦ as far as I know RAdosnt affect any plans of Macedonia
Emily ¦ yes, it doesn't
Prophet009 ¦ in other words it's useless for you
Emily ¦ there is no pass for eSpain and eMkd
Emily ¦ we would gladly help you to reach and conquer Romandie
Emily ¦ the thing is, since your recourses are not urgent
Emily ¦ and we already launched the NE to eFrance, we would like to get a border with eUSA, and negotiate with them friendly
Emily ¦ as we already did
Mininuns ¦ well, we would like to have this bonus as soon as possible
Emily ¦ we would like to have border with USA as soon as possible too
Mininuns ¦ and if Poland concede us permission to conquer RA..
Emily ¦ So I hope we will find a proper solution that will make all of us happy
Mininuns ¦ the fact is that the US is now PTOed
Mininuns ¦ me too
DarkoDimovski ¦ Well i found some solution
DarkoDimovski ¦ 3 countries will cooperate
Mininuns ¦ reaching an agreement with the US is quite difficult.. their congress is controlled by many EDEN guys
DarkoDimovski ¦ First Prophet009
DarkoDimovski ¦ Do you need limousin and auvergne
Prophet009 ¦ if we take northern french regions then i guess not
Emily ¦ they have grain on the north
Prophet009 ¦ lemme check
DarkoDimovski ¦ please check
DarkoDimovski ¦ they are grain
Emily ¦ Poland have grain in Loire Valley and Burgundy
DarkoDimovski ¦ you will RW limousin
DarkoDimovski ¦ Spain will take it
Prophet009 ¦ we have grain in our cores
DarkoDimovski ¦ then rw Auvergne
DarkoDimovski ¦ Spain will get it too
Prophet009 ¦ hmm if we take all north xcept 2 regions, then no we do not need auvergne nor limousin
Emily ¦ but they need pass, they will use MP for that?
DarkoDimovski ¦ hoops..
Emily ¦ Prophet009 the north regions are all yours
DarkoDimovski ¦ maybe we can get catalonya trought france
DarkoDimovski ¦ and make some rotation
DarkoDimovski ¦ free way for Spain to Romandie
DarkoDimovski ¦ free way for Macedonia to aquitaine
DarkoDimovski ¦
DarkoDimovski ¦ this region will get Spain + 2 france which Poland have now
DarkoDimovski ¦ hoops they don't have regions..
Emily ¦ MP won't be connected with Spanish core regions
DarkoDimovski ¦ that are together..
Mininuns ¦ Poland cant manage to support all those RWs in the north
DarkoDimovski ¦ no borders forget this
DarkoDimovski ¦
DarkoDimovski ¦ Prophet009
DarkoDimovski ¦ what about this?
Mininuns ¦ PTOers
Moreno ¦ yep
Emily ¦ What if this NE law passes?
Mininuns ¦ that's the reason why i said reaching an agreement with the US was going to be difficult for MKD....
Emily ¦ there is always other way..
Prophet009 ¦ we will manage the situation
Prophet009 ¦ if this NE will pass
Prophet009 ¦ all what can I say is that war wont be for serious
Emily ¦ alright we are glad to hear it
Moreno ¦ that's good

my greetings to prophet009,
smee again.


Mr. Heisenberg
Mr. Heisenberg Day 1,756, 09:22


Petsku Day 1,756, 09:23

CTRL aka the bonus alliance?

zigazaga Day 1,756, 09:24


Defactor Day 1,756, 09:25


Leuch Day 1,756, 09:28


I mean, we will never surrender !

Zelja Day 1,756, 09:31

you must like all this talk about fictional PTO and getting away from the balkan while everybody knows this is just BS to get USA to switch sides and to fight for interest of ONE...

EFELL Day 1,756, 09:32


DarkoDimovski1 Day 1,756, 09:33

Hahaha again poor propaganda.

Stef40 Day 1,756, 09:39


bad yunanistan propaganda

Awesome Prussia
Awesome Prussia Day 1,756, 09:42


Prophet009 Day 1,756, 09:42

again? = |

oh my.

George The Mercifull
George The Mercifull Day 1,756, 09:44


Warmeno1994 Day 1,756, 09:47


eSupernova Day 1,756, 09:51

How to be sure that these logs are not fake ?

fairgr Day 1,756, 10:00


Dellodas Day 1,756, 10:01


cyrano24100 Day 1,756, 10:04

Yeah, yeah -- good job Poland. By neutralizing he USA you have gained all of Europe as your playground.
And France's resources are naturally what you all vie for... I just hope that there can be a change in forces to swing the pendulum back...

Didei Day 1,756, 10:05

: /

MitsosSougias Day 1,756, 10:05

Fyrovian army very good
fight to take napoleon
vardaskan unit strong it is
take ours the france...!!!!

YO YO YO...!!!!

Kongha CAT
Kongha CAT Day 1,756, 10:06

come to eEcuador, fast!

Kamoris KSC Day 1,756, 10:48

Comment deleted

delete this
delete this Day 1,756, 10:56

^^^ self-fulfilling prophecy?

Romper Day 1,756, 11:02

where did Emily's comment go? You know, the one where she says its nothing new, since SHE WAS THERE and saying all this.
Interesting new approach, trying to dispute the authenticity, as if that will work.
I admit I was surprised, I thought only HunSerb are going to CTRL, but now it is clear that only USA and Brazil are going to *insert name here* alliance which is basically ONE.

delete this
delete this Day 1,756, 11:10

romper: they say the same thing every article "fake fake fake" like a chicken "mbok mbok mbok mbok"

that might be the new alliance name.. chicken.

expession Day 1,756, 11:12

ruchu nasz ukochany
my wspieramy zawsze cie
glosny doping mecz wygrany
to dzis dla nas liczy sie
ijaeeeijaeoooo ijaeoeoeee ijaeoeoeooo ijaeoeoeeee
caly swiat przemierzamy
tys potega wielka jest
za twe barwy zwyciezamy
plynie w nas niebieska krew
ijaeeeijaeoooo ijaeoeoeee ijaeoeoeooo ijaeoeoeeee

od szczecina
do opola
plynie piosnka
ta wesola
czy staruszek
czy malolat
kazdy spiewa
pogoń gola
pogoń gola, pogoń gola, eee, pogoń gola

hatz Day 1,756, 11:22


Enicay Day 1,756, 11:28

In smee we trust.

Who the hell are half of these people ?

Pero Nakov BB
Pero Nakov BB Day 1,756, 12:44

Call it chicken, call it otherwise, or even don't call it at all... anyway we will come to you and erase you once again.

Dimitar III Makedonski
Dimitar III Makedonski Day 1,756, 13:32

Педеракис пуши го бре...

miti16 Day 1,756, 13:57


CptKaydee Day 1,756, 14:04

HAIL (the fictional alliance of) SHIFT!

thekoki Day 1,756, 14:04

Report for rasizam.

marjansp Day 1,756, 14:48

Free 400 food
Поделба на 400 здравје !

Dobromir Hris SERES
Dobromir Hris SERES Day 1,756, 16:33
Bad Propaganda against Macedonia, we shell raise our empire, please vote and shout all friends of Macedonia. DEDICATED TO ALL FRIENDS OF MACEDONIA SUB AND VOTE PLEASE

Bob.Kelso Day 1,756, 16:41

Comment deleted

Butikman Day 1,756, 17:45

and again and again, troling. poor smigol. get a life

McFresh Day 1,756, 22:33

Грчки кретенизам,Во цел свет Не значи Не, само кај нив значи ДА

Crash and Burn
Crash and Burn Day 1,756, 23:28

WOW, another copy paste article that means nothing in the end.

There is a Macedonian saying (rough translation): Dogs bark, but the caravan still goes on.

It means that you can spread the obvious things all you want, but that will not change anything.

And this is so typically smee, all talk but no supstance. Good luck and may you for once really write an article worth reading.

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Day 1,757, 00:06

све това мора де се исколе! : )

Finway Day 1,757, 01:12

Comment deleted

MacedoniaFORCE Day 1,757, 02:28

split france !!!

eKomita Day 1,757, 03:40


zuti.mkd Day 1,757, 03:46

wow, I mean WOW!
REALLY ?! ?! ?!?
these are their plans?! OMG!
I mean, who would though of this, right?

Ratatatau Day 1,757, 04:05

Smee what have i told you!?
Drink your medicines man!
You still hear voices in your had and that is bad, that is very bad...

Crazy Scientist
Crazy Scientist Day 1,757, 04:09


bachevjanko Day 1,757, 05:36

Crash and Burn Day 1,756, 23:28

WOW, another copy paste article that means nothing in the end.

There is a Macedonian saying (rough translation): Dogs bark, but the caravan still goes on.

It means that you can spread the obvious things all you want, but that will not change anything.

And this is so typically smee, all talk but no supstance. Good luck and may you for once really write an article worth reading.


M.I.K Day 1,757, 06:42

Comment deleted

nickx of Macedon
nickx of Macedon Day 1,757, 07:39

Moreno ¦ For that reason it won't be a problem that MACEDONIA conquers R A!

f*** *** SMEE AGAIN.

eDarkAngel Day 1,757, 08:29

Go Go Romper!

Make USA your next hate target, they traitors you know it, now preach it!

vladb Day 1,757, 10:17

And so it's how gets only ex ONE countries as "neighbors "

Anyone seen ENEMY AT THE GATES ?

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