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Slovenian players - part 1.

Day 1,789, 11:25 Published in Slovenia Slovenia by SmoothZiga
Its saturday evening, I am looking at the time and waiting to be around 21:30 when its time for me to go outside and get waisted so I could write next morning/afternoon »never again I gonna drink…«. So I decided I will write one article so time will pass faster. Even tho I wrote this kind of article few months or even a year ago in Slovenian language I decided I will write it also in english so foreign players can see who are our known players and how I see them.

Like last time I will start with him. He is mostly known as being Slovenian biggest tycoon, or at least he was till admins screw up economy totaly. He is the oldest Slovenian player who doesent have enemys in Slovenia or at least not much. He never exspresed any desire to go in to politics and thats probably the reason why he doesent have enemys. He is also very know to write his casual articles where he write about his personal life in real life and how he have problems with his female co-workers with whome he wanna do some unhowly things since he is married (hehe).

When I first met him I was commander of goverment MU SRV and at that time I was looking for some people who I could set them as 2nd commander so they would do hard work instead of me and clean up the MU of dead people since at that time there was like 700 players in MU. He contacted me and asked me if he could help me. He was totaly unknown and young player who I thought he is just some noob. I decided I will give him a chance and let him wander around a bit. But to my suprise he started work had and very successfuly. After some time I invited him to join MoD team and atm in my eyes is one of the best MoD's eSlovenia ever had. From time to time I am a bit afraid of him because he could be the next »Dictator« who could overthrow me, or I will just liquidate him (hihiih).

Colonel Bruce
The mighty player who have big respect in Slovenian community. He is the founder and leader of Slovenian strongest military unit Slovenian Division. He also is big tycoon and that probably is the reason why he could make his military unit so strong. Colonel is known as one of Slovenians biggest tanks but is atm on a break since he got a kid few months ago and have lot of real life responsibilitys. He was CP of Slovenia on time and in my eyes it was one of the most active mandate in history of Slovenian CP's and thats the reason why he went to spa after the mandate and said that if he every say he wanna candidate someone should shoot him hehe.

Another Slovenian tank who doesent have any desire to get in to political wathers, for now. He is kinda seen as some kind of »real life Slovenian eRepublick ambassador« since he is always going to eRepublik meetings abroad, mostly to Croatia and one time to international meeting in Hungary.

Ice Killa aka Howly
He is probably one of best known Slovenian players abroad. He is known for writing lot of articles which are some times quite radical. He is also my biggest opponent and critic. If you combinehis both accounts together he is the Slovenian with most CP mandats (6 times). From my point of view he was very respected player when he had account Howly and Slovenians liked him. But after eRepublik resistance when he got banned his point of view changed and started cirtices admins and writing articles calling for all players to stop playing and calling this game stupid. Imo with this kind of articles and constant criticize of Slovenia he lost lot of respect.

Player with very diverse history. When I first time saw him he was very active and hard working player. He was kinda known as »hamster hunter« (hunter for Croatian multies who were trying to PTO Slovenia). After that something terrible happend, he stole whole Slovenian bank and made a chaos in Slovenia. Luckly admins returned all the lost gold and money. He become most hated player in Slovenia. It took him a lot of time to regain the trust of Slovenians but he managed. He even apologised for all his past sins and started working in good of a country. Now he is eRepublik moderator and again very respected player in Slovenia. Its kinda ironic that someone with this kind of history is now the one who is searching for people likehe was in past. He was CP two times and had very active and good mandates.

…omg, look at the time, I gotta go get ready. I will write about more people in next article. Oh, and dont complain about my english because I dont care about mistakes = )

Kind Regards


Norsk_gr Day 1,789, 11:27


Prophet009 Day 1,789, 11:29

Sub pole

vote for SmoothZiga \o/

LoCkSaW Day 1,789, 11:32

glas, sam ženska bi bla pa lohka boljša : P

Big Boby
Big Boby Day 1,789, 11:33

no me no vote : P
fajn drugače

Mr.CaCkO Day 1,789, 11:37

vote 🙂

mufekk Day 1,789, 11:37

good he doesn't care about mistakes....!loll vote !

SmoothZiga Day 1,789, 11:42

Am? To ti je perfect ženska. Lep obraz, lepe obline pa tattoji... arrrrrr = )

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,789, 11:49

There's a dim difference between lost and gain. In the eyes of different people.

King of sLOVEnia
King of sLOVEnia Day 1,789, 11:54

vote and well done

Finway Day 1,789, 11:56

We want RL pictures : D

P.I.N.C Day 1,789, 12:04

0rinda has tatoos?!? xDDDD

HladenSpricar Day 1,789, 12:09

A tole grdobo si s kakega roštilja rešil? xD

mihez Day 1,789, 12:09

oh the english ...

vote za punco

Solinar Day 1,789, 12:13

@HladenSpricar x 2

Kar realen opis

xmarek Day 1,789, 12:15


sam množina te pa jebe : )

ebutaljib Day 1,789, 12:16

Smooth be afraid, be very afraid {evil grin}

Mr.CaCkO Day 1,789, 12:18

in on ti je MoFA 😁))) s tako angleščino 😛
ok mu je mjhn oproščeno k je biu z mislimi zihr že u gostilni 😛

Anomis39 Day 1,789, 12:19

nema mene, nema vote xD

Erik-Ero Day 1,789, 12:45

Nema Simonce nema vote xD

Gen3sis Day 1,789, 13:03

lušna punca, pa čist lepo bralna angleščina


Koccco Day 1,789, 13:21

vote !

Master_Blaster Day 1,789, 13:29

nema mene nema vote!

R3b3x Day 1,789, 14:26

vote. berljiva angleščina, ampak bi lahko bila boljša.

v3s3lko Day 1,789, 14:38

vote I can hardly wait the continuation

timkram Day 1,789, 14:52

Neki ni čist točno se mi zdi..ampak dobro = ))

skofjaloka Day 1,789, 15:02

sometimes good people do bad things...

Djuro Drljaca
Djuro Drljaca Day 1,789, 15:21

nema simonce nema vote!

Djuro Drljaca
Djuro Drljaca Day 1,789, 15:23

btw nisem vedel da je dkivi naš eRepub_lick ambasador xD

p0luks Day 1,789, 15:42

no p0luks, no PVS, no more cookies for you!

miha turk
miha turk Day 1,789, 16:20

LoL ... very respected player in Slovenia - orinda.

seveda Slovenija je zmozna vsega (dovolj da se ozremo na LJ)

vote vseeno 😉

once a thief,allways...

once a liar, allways...

Arrlo Day 1,789, 16:25

"Imo with this kind of articles and constant criticize of Slovenia he lost lot of respect."

I think perhaps you are slightly biased.

SIKARSI Day 1,789, 16:43


oki4400 Day 1,789, 22:44

Do I have enemies?

Matrix Pegaz
Matrix Pegaz Day 1,789, 23:39


Colonel Bruce
Colonel Bruce Day 1,790, 00:19


i ll be back soon....

Mr.CaCkO Day 1,790, 01:02

CB - vote for that 😉

sandi111 Day 1,790, 02:04

vredu članek samo zardi slikice punce ki ti je očitno všeč počasi padaš v nek čudni predalček. Jebemti tatuje prav šikana punca bi bila brez tega, tak pa res zgleda da je pravkar iz roštilja pobegnala.

dha Day 1,790, 02:59


Igor Gregor
Igor Gregor Day 1,790, 03:33

Incredibile !
Tatuji gor ali dol, napiču bi jo pa vseeno !

dkivi Day 1,790, 07:13

@djuro ..... jaz sem vse ; )
men in the shadows...
: P

iqxy55 Day 1,790, 07:52

prebrala članek in komentarje
zanimivo glede punce na sliki...kako različna mnenja

Aljofs Day 1,790, 10:05

iqxy55 - še sreča da imamo različne okuse, drugač bi vse "ne lepe" ženske same ostale.
Drugač pa, bejba z roštilja je meni ful dobra. Ziher je še kaj placa za kakšen nov tatoo. 😉

Korado Day 1,790, 10:26

Big bosoms.
Big vote!

Korado Day 1,790, 10:38

Ženska je totalno £ukabilna. Hebeš frigidne barbike! XD

p0luks Day 1,790, 10:49

ni dobra

slika ker premalo pokaze 😃

Ludislav Day 1,790, 12:08

dobra je

Troter Day 1,790, 14:50


polnponosa Day 1,791, 01:14

Dober članek, čist berljiva angleščina pa dobra bejba sam brez tatuju bi bla še bolj mikavna...

Junior Soprano
Junior Soprano Day 1,791, 05:02

dober clanek

huda bejbika


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