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Slovenia gives a decisive no to power grabbing in TWO!

Day 2,056, 15:49 Published in Slovenia Slovenia by Ice Killa

Slovenia puts much effort in its diplomacy. We value allies, we respect them, we cherish good relations. But that is not possible when people decide to usurp power in the alliance that was built upon mutual cooperation and not power grabbing. Slovenia is a proud nation, we are a puppet to no one. We have our own opinion and we will state it when that is necessary. I am writing this on behalf of Slovenia, on behalf of justice, honor and friendships. I am writing this for the sake of preservation of our alliance. I am writing this to prevent vultures from taking control in the TWO alliance.

As many of you know, today was the election day. An election day at first glance, but it was far from that. Candidates that put some effort in their presentations were not elected. Those who ran a few hours before the voting took place without any presentation whatsoever were miraculously elected - or so it seemed. The darker picture came to light afterwards. Revealed by Kravenn in the following picture.

Serbia, more precisely Strider83 violated no rules. He did everything according to them. Rules might have been written for him as far as it considers me. And the worst thing about this is that the Serbian CP supports this usurping of power in the TWO HQ. Scandalous! Martuxx was later on elected as the SoFA of the alliance without any proper plans whatsoever. Nor did the other 2 elected have any presentations.

I was told repeatedly to stop behaving like a child. I was only getting my voice across. And seemingly some didn't like it. So until further notice the Slovene government decided to boycott any of the TWO HQ meetings that will take place in the future until Strider83 is removed from the HQ.

Most likely many of the HQ members prefer loyalty over quality. As I was able to notice during the elections. TWO cannot function properly with a puppet at the helm of the alliance.

The exSG mittekemuis warned me in a mutual conversation with her. She first of all stated she is a slave to TWO countries and then added some words that stuck out - at least to me. She was telling me what might follow if I try to change things for the better.

[21:53:25] <Mitte> Howly take care of Slovenia
[21:53:41] <Mitte> don't put your neck out too much

And since Slovenia believes doing things straightforward is the best way to deal with things. We, well I, proposed Strider83 as the leader of the alliance. After all he is the main puppet leader here.

I will be very clear though. The goal of Slovenia is not to cause the destruction of TWO, we seek changes, reforms that would revive the fallen giant and return him to his standing pose. Currently being on its knees soon to be pushed down and stabbed to death by inside power grabbers.

The credibility of the alliance is damaged at the moment. You may hide from the truth, but the HQ is weak. Lacks the spine and rather willingly bows down to the pressure of certain countries. Again, I do repeat, Slovenia wishes to change this for the better. Alliance was formed on the basis of cooperation and equality (well, not so much).

"strider_afk> Howly: it's democracy... we can propose whoever we want"

Apparently that's democracy. Some fine government members you have, Serbia.

We suggest some progressive changes. Any power grabbing is prohibited. Candidates must present their programs or they are ineligible for the elections. Candidates must state their intent to run for certain positions a few days before the elections. It is required from people handling the foreign affairs to write articles during their mandate (at least 3 or more).

Slovenia will not back down from this. We want changes and we want certain people gone from the TWO HQ alliance circle. Until then, the boycott stands. But please do keep in mind, this article is for the sake of preservation. Beside, you cannot sit on two chairs at the same time. Some countries do.

With hopes that justice will prevail and changes might occur,
Ice Killa aka Howly, President of eSlovenia

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Arrlo Day 2,056, 15:52

Hmm, gutsy.

Lord Grakius
Lord Grakius Day 2,056, 18:50

Srbe na _ _ _ _

Arrlo Day 2,056, 23:05

Shut up.

Josipjo Day 2,057, 06:57

nije lijepo se igrati vješalima ili vrbama! 😉

Roman Legionnaire Day 2,057, 13:10

Comment deleted

Viarizi Day 2,057, 00:53

Spain should be removed from TWO
Serbia rules
Slovenia has nice chicks

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Day 2,057, 06:51

By removing Spain from TWO the beginning of the end will commence.

Didei Day 2,057, 02:01

Arrly ❤

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 2,057, 05:17

I'm replying here for posterity. Strider is a well known powerhungry fgt hoe. He's personality and representation represents no value whatsoever, and I honestly believe that his non-existance both in this game and in the real world would greatly improve the human civilization.

Don't blame this on Serbia as a whole, a bunch of Strider's buddies (Gambino,Desert Hamster) are pretty much running the show in Serbia through their army of multi accounts. That's why Serbia gets absolute retards in the government and in the alliance to represent it.

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 2,057, 05:42


Josipjo Day 2,057, 07:00


Depak Chopra
Depak Chopra Day 2,057, 10:50

and yet they won after deleting multi votes... ohhh the irony... xD

Kuzynn Day 2,057, 13:21

GTFO serbia.

oslobodilac Beograda
oslobodilac Beograda Day 2,057, 16:44

I am Serbian and I support Slovenia in this case. In all elections we have a lot of foreigners with Serbian citizenship who votes for current Serbian government and I believe that among them was people from each TWO country. They won previous elections with 1/3 of total votes and just a couple votes ahead. So, I believe that this government represent much less then 1/3 of real Serbian citizens. Greedy foreigners + greedy government = shit happens. The point is, don't blame whole Serbia for this.

Balkan Ruller
Balkan Ruller Day 2,056, 15:54

podrska slovencima od mene o>

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,057, 19:39

Eventualno Slovenkama 😉
Kravenn the butthurt brittfag LOL

cen1 Day 2,056, 15:55

Slovenia has no honor and does not deserve any respect, just like whole TWO.

SmoothZiga Day 2,056, 15:58

Ah yes... our CoT loving troll = )

Apostol Mao
Apostol Mao Day 2,056, 16:12

LOL Chilean crying xD

0sebek Day 2,056, 16:17

he is as much Chilean as i am 😃

Orzack Day 2,058, 21:41

Colombian Two cocksucker xDDD

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Day 2,057, 06:52

Slovenia is one of the most experienced group of fighters in eRep. Small and solid! Hail sLOVEnia!

Kyronte Day 2,056, 15:58


Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 2,056, 15:58

mitte was great, need someone like her.

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,056, 16:32

Well we should wait more than 3 minutes to know how capable the new SG is dont you think?

Anorna Sharnath
Anorna Sharnath Day 2,056, 16:34

we saw him in action last month as SC...

SmoothZiga Day 2,056, 15:59

Candidates must present their programs or they are ineligible for the elections. Candidates must state their intent to run for certain positions a few days before the elections.

Full support.

0sebek Day 2,056, 16:00

kolk lahko ena pjača spremeni! Hail srečanja! \o/

M O R R O N C I T O Day 2,056, 16:59

Full support. x2

Ursula Bruce Day 2,057, 17:21

Comment deleted

Igor Gregor
Igor Gregor Day 2,058, 01:22

E moji člani kaki suport ? Ice mora v penzijo in to na hitro ne pa tu pisat neke propagandne članke !
Incredibile !

0sebek Day 2,058, 03:37

Zakaj že? Verjetno je bolj aktiven kot ti, tut če ne trenira.

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 2,056, 16:00

TWO alliance made me laugh since it was first created, but now this is starting to turn into a Circus (AWESOME) GO GO TWO!

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 2,056, 16:01

smrtan lol

Excelsior.HMA Day 2,056, 16:28


staruszek Day 2,057, 02:33

u can find good accounts like this one on .. allegro . pl under 100 euro ..

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 2,057, 16:06

Staruszek what accounts ? You mean like Silniys, Arrlo's etc ?
Stop being a butthurt old fag ... If you really wanted that BH you could of fought for it, as long as we won that's all that matters. Life goes on

D E A N M A R T I N Day 2,056, 16:00

I think its wrong to demand something... We are friends and allise, brothers, you wont do much with demands.

That is my oppinion...


Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial
Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial Day 2,056, 17:06

Its the slovenian way to ask for something, when they need spanish damage, they came and say: hey, traitors! we need some help, move your ass and give us your damage

Delyruin Day 2,056, 21:22

Aren't you "American"? XD

D E A N M A R T I N Day 2,057, 11:06

I am but I love SLO!!!

Alex.L Day 2,056, 16:01

Damn, where are those popcorns when I need them...

jasumtose Day 2,056, 16:08

here have mine

Avalokitesvara Day 2,056, 16:02


Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 2,056, 16:03

Respect !

Gozdni Francek
Gozdni Francek Day 2,056, 16:04

Howly, full support. Slovenia is not a puppet. Serbia wants to be a leader of TWO. Not only Strider. Every CP before him wanted to make changes to Serbias good. Serbia remember that, you are not the only one in alliance!!!

Alex.L Day 2,056, 16:06


"Rules might have been written for him"

It was actually him who (re)wrote them last month and presented it as a great diplomatic victory for Serbian and TWO. Why? You can see it easily now.

"And the worst thing about this is that the Serbian CP supports this usurping of power in the TWO HQ"

Where have you seen puppet that went against puppetmaster? 🙂

Gozdni Francek
Gozdni Francek Day 2,056, 16:12

Victory for Serbia! Yeah. Serbia wanted to make bigger power for Poland and himself. With Serbia is only mess and bullshit.

Alex.L Day 2,056, 17:51

Not Serbia but him. Not everyone agrees with him, you know.
But you're less than one year e-old, it's understandable why you don't know so much things happening here.

Gozdni Francek
Gozdni Francek Day 2,057, 03:34

OK, I understand that someone don`t have fully support in one country.
Thats normal, that I can not understand things what were happened before one year. But what it is happening now, is because what happened in last 2 months.

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