Day 957, 10:38 Published in Canada North Korea by Foreign Affairs Canada

The day is fast approaching where eRepublik will roll out its long awaited 'version 2', aka V2. Many changes will be implemented - some good, some bad. No matter how one feels about V2, there is no getting around it (unless it crashes and burns). All citizens are down to their last minutes to finalize their skills migration choices. Today is the last day to migrate your skills - Day 957 of eRepublik!

One of the biggest changes will be with new worker skills being implemented. Gone are the three old skills of Construction, Land and Manufacturing. While the new skills may be confusing to some, Citizens have a golden opportunity to completely change the industry they formerly worked in. Some will elect to stay put in their current industry because they like their job or employer. Others will choose to go where the money is now. (Which may not be where the money is when V2 is rolled out.) Others, with high skill levels, will choose to split their skills in more than one category, hoping to give them a choice to move around between industries. The eCanadian Ministry of Industries has put together this guide to help all Canadians determine how best to migrate their skills. The full list, and what one will see as they click on 'View Skill Migration' in their citizen profile is shown here:

Unless you are currently above skill level 10, the Ministry of Industries recommends that Canadian Citizens place 100% of their skills in a single category. For those above skill level 10, you probably are experienced enough to decide if you want to split your skills or not. Just remember that when it comes to work, a Jack of all Trades, is a Master of None. (And will probably be paid a lot less, also.)

The Ministry of Industries also recommends that once you decide which field you want to work in, you take a look at the well run companies in this industry, and see where skills are needed. For example, in the weapons industry, if one sees that there are too many Engineers, but only a few Fitters; it would make sense (and dollars) to go into the 'Fitter' field. Your skills may very well be in demand if you are in the least applied skill. This means greater pay, weapons companies will be desperate for 'Fitters' in our hypothetical example. There are two great places to find out which skills are in demand. First, if you plan to stay with your current company in your current industry, check out what fields the other employees have migrated to. In that case, we would suggest you go into the field that the fewest other employees have selected. An other source of which fields are in demand, is the eCanadian census, which can be found at the following link:

V2 Census Results

The following table is from the V2 Census. It can clearly be seen that there are some fields that are severely under-represented. This is where your opportunity lies:

Depending on which field one wants to work in, the following are the choices for different industries:


From the V2 Census, it is clear that the Marketing Manager field will be strongly in demand.

Moving Tickets

From the V2 Census, it is clear that the Marketing Manager field will again be strongly in demand, with some demand for Project Manager, as well. The Ministry of Industries recommends that if you plan to work in either the food or moving tickets industries, you switch your skills to Marketing Manager.


From the V2 Census, it is clear that the Carpenter field will be strongly in demand. Note also, that there will be a stronger demand for Hospitals, as hospitals will no longer be permanent. With the ability for Hospital companies to customize their properties (duration, wellness level, area of effect), there will likely be new found interest in privately owned hospital companies and we anticipate stronger demand for workers.

Defense Systems

From the V2 Census, it is clear that the Carpenter field will again be strongly in demand. There will also likely be stronger demand for Defense Systems, although not likely as much as Hospitals.


These three fields are the new Construction fields. Working in Construction is a great choice, because depending on the field you chose, you will have at least two or three industries to work in. If you plan to work at building homes, it is clear from the Census that the Carpenter field will again be strongly in demand. Note also, that housing sales are projected to rise. Houses are also no longer permanent. There poses to be a great demand for houses, with prices possibly rising, providing the ability to earn more money as a worker. The new abilities to customize houses, may also pose great opportunities for housing businesses to succeed. The Ministry of Industries recommends that citizens who choose the construction field, and are looking to finalize their field, choose the Carpenter field. We can also use more Project Managers. Architects and Builders are plentiful.

Weapons - Rifle, Tank, Artillery and Air Units - and existing Gift companies

The Weapons field is rather unique. Workers in the weapons field will have the ability to work in any capacity, in which ever type of weapons plant has demand for their services. Will there be a greater or weaker demand for weapons? We don't know. We do know, however, that there are likely to be a lot of new jobs as V2 opens, as there are currently no tank or artillery companies. These companies will be opening up on day 1 of V2, and there will likely be a large demand for workers. If you currently work in Gifts, your company will become an Air Unit company. So be sure to choose a weapons skill if you are planning on staying there. Based on the V2 Census, there are way too many Engineers and Technicians. We urge you to change your skill to Fitter or Mechanic, by the end of today. The Fitter field will be most in demand, with Mechanic second. The opportunity to make big bucks as a worker in these fields exists.

Harvester - all land skills Grain, Oil, Titanium, Stone, Iron - and existing Diamond companies

Land. One field. Harvester. Seems kind of boring. What can we say. It will be like Union work. Everyone paid the same amount, based on seniority. However, business runs on raw materials. Without Harvesters, there will be no weapons. No houses. No food. The land industry has always been the employer of the largest number of citizens in Canada. It poses to be no different in V2. Maybe that is why, according to the V2 Census, more citizens have chosen their field as Harvester than any other field. A full 38% of eCanadian citizens have chosen Harvester. That seems to be about the percentage that are employed in the land industry today (maybe even less). And the land industry in Canada tends to pay well. With Canada having two of the worlds lucrative titanium regions, there poses to be even more opportunities and higher pay for land workers. The Ministry of Industries urges any Citizen considering a last minute change, to go into the Harvester field. Its a golden opportunity.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide. Its not too late to change your skill. All citizens who have not yet migrated their skills are urged to do so immediately. Hopefully, this guide can provide you with the proper perspective you need to do so. Thanks.

Citizen B, Minister of Industries