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SITUATION CRITICAL-Yet its Christmas time

Day 1,861, 22:25 Published in India Thailand by Samnorugh

well sorry for my late article. i was lacking time and hence got time to write the article now. To start with, there is a christmas poem for you all:

Our Christmas

Christmas came early for you and for me
Christmas with no gifts to open
Christmas without any yuletide tree
Christmas with words of love spoken
Christmas was walking to York hand in hand
Christmas in awe at the Minster
Christmas togetherness was just what we planned
Christmas was chaffed legs and blisters

Christmas was cups of tea served early morn
Christmas was being together
Christmas was loving from dusk until dawn
Christmas remembered forever
Christmas was driving through floods for the view
Christmas ‘our planning’ was starting
Christmas our Christmas meant so much to me
Christmas our bitter sweet parting

Stephen Holland

Well, I hope you like it, but situations are bad for the indian republic. Our efforts to resist indonesia has been a wastage. we were orderd to fight for croatia against indonesia in tamil nadu, but was of no use. So to help croatia, we let them take madhya pradesh, which would have been ours if we fought for our nation. but depending on the scenario, we are obliged to fight for the croatz. i think that in this circles of war between india, indonesia and croatia, we will be the losser and lose all the lands against both.

So now the indian government has made an effort to help out with taking back of tamil nadu. The war's still in progress but the points are clearly favouring the indonesians. i barely believe this indonesians and hence again ask, WILL IT BE SAFE TO RELY ON THE INDONESIANS?

heres a little summary on the current state of our nation:

india currently has a poor ally of Argentines. Although they are powerful, but are they enough to face an army with 18-28 allies.The ally will however expire in 17 days.


india itself is fighting a resistance war against indonesia which is at the moment stabilized with 60 points for indonesia and 28 points for india.

another argentine war is about to rage against Chile who will attack soon. No reports on those wars.


india is currently undergoing trade embargoes with Spain which expires in the upcoming 13 days and with Thailand which will be over in 2 months.

india's national treasury has 94824.36 INR at the moment with the gilt of 0.21 gold.But this isn't it. we also have a central bank with a treasury of 2212.96 gold and 3142263.17 INR. Altogether we are quite rich.


After recieving a gruesome behavior from THE BROTHERHOOD, india forgot the previous help of the group. Now judging on our weakness , different countries have started to attack us and get the glory of victory by a big margin. well the government till now said:"Croatia has been given rent for some regions ".

Till recently i had known that rentation can be lifted whenever desired but here the matter seems to be reverse. "well, we will have our regions back at any cost and even if we die we will die with honour" quoted by Bharmal.

i appreciate his manner and attitude, Let us hope for a free india untill then.

Your appreciations and kind words have encouraged me to write this long article.

Your serviceman



GadjahMadaa Day 1,861, 22:34


Said it before and I say it again, we're not after any indian territory.
The whole objective is to "help" the geographically misplaced Croatians to return home..

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,862, 23:13

Samno, good article. But it still contains factual errors. It was govt. decision to rent croatia some of our lands. This is a pure business deal and they have paid the rents so far (as per govt. till last month).

On Indonesians, they are fully aware that we will be supporting croatia in the war as per our earlier commitment. can they be relied upon ? Can't say Yes or No now. It will come to light after they are successful in winning the war against croatia.

They are one of the most respected ally / enemy in this game. So personally I shall tend to believe their intentions.

Samnorugh Day 1,862, 01:13

ok sires

Satria Pandawa
Satria Pandawa Day 1,862, 05:57

Indonesian will always committed to their ally and respect to their enemy..

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,862, 07:28

I like this article. I`ll sub it and shout it. Anyay Samno I also hope that Indonesians will leave India as they kick Croatia out, they dont need our regions. We will have to find new allies and real friends as we are left without MPPs.

Signing MPP with Australia Ireland Bulgaria etc would be nice... We should fight only for our real friends

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,862, 07:32

😮 voted

off whisky
off whisky Day 1,862, 08:13


Prasad H
Prasad H Day 1,862, 21:01

Nice Article. Provides good understanding of scenario

Prince Rizkyputra
Prince Rizkyputra Day 1,863, 03:18

i guess all of u is smart enough to see clear out of it.
dont think about eden anymore, u waste ur time..
if u really ask "can u rely on indonesia?"
u should ask to (my) indo allies, indo friend, even indo enemies.
do somereasearch..


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