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Day 2,384, 00:55 Published in USA USA by Wild Owl

Greetings America,

It has been an interesting 24 hours for us. Having been kicked from Sirius, there is understandably quite an uproar among many citizens about the events that have transpired. In this article, I will try to explain my point of view.

The USA has, in the past few years, attempted several times to establish a relationship with Spain. We viewed Spain as "friendlier" than the other nations we faced during the TWO invasion. This has been the case since our signing of the Asturias Accord and the failed attempts to make CTRL and Imperium.

Fast forwarding to January 2014, the much anticipated split between Poland and Serbia finally took place. A lot of reasons could be given for this, but the heated exchanges between Spain and Serbia over a large variety of issues were a major reason for this split. It was time for new alliances.

As an anti-Serb country, USA’s choice of an alliance inclination was always clear: we would go with Spoland, Croatia and co. Contrary to what has been believed though, we were not involved in the initial group of countries that would make Sirius. It was only after a few heavyweights showed reluctance to join and eventually declined that we were invited to join as the sixth founder
of Sirius.

After we joined Sirius USA discovered why most of TWO, and most of the world, found Spain challenging to deal with. The nation’s top diplomats, who are generally eager to maintain relations with you on the opposite sides of the fence, showed a complete and utter disregard of the USA and in fact, of the entire alliance, on many occasions.

Spain’s demands started immediately during week 1 in the alliance. They began by asking for Brazil to be included. The Sirius logo, which was originally meant to have the name alongside founder countries’ flags, was scrapped for a simpler version. After many tears, ragefits, and a compliant SG, Spain was able to get Brazil membership in the alliance near the end of the first month. Brazil were unanimously accepted by all member states, including the USA. The Spaniards figured that they’d secured their South American flank and all would be well.

It was not to be so. Despite a spirited attempt by Sirius to help Brazil achieve congress, including a Brazilian airstrike into Pakistan, Brazil failed. Bad diplomacy by the Brazilian government towards eChina played a role. However, Argentina was finally removed from the Baltics, which was a nice side effect. This result, however, meant that the Argentines would concentrate completely on South America in the coming months. Furthermore, determination in a few regions had been reset - favoring Argentina.

Lizan was elected as the Spanish CP in the following month. Sirius was also able to elect a Brazilian Military Commander, RegisAjr. It was assumed that this would be the month where we’d go all out to get success for the Brazilians. However, Brazil still did not succeed. This was mainly due to Lizan’s derogatory and sexist remarks towards the Sirius SG among others, and Spanish representatives openly claiming they did not recognise at least 3 member countries as “Sirius” anyway. Brazil signed a basic NAP with Argentina, which included them getting 2 regions. Brazil was winning one of the RWs, but Argentina’s Congress didn’t approve the NAP and they fought back. Sirius found out less than 12 hours before regions locked for Congress, leaving insufficient time to send enough support to the RW. This resulted in another month of no Congress for Brazil and rising frustration in South America.

These developments did not affect Spain well. Having your ally on the southern flank wiped for 9 months does not reflect well. Lizan (Spanish CP) proposed Argentina as a NE which passed in the Spanish Congress. The Spaniards were on the back foot right from the start, with rumours that their CP had intentionally not attacked Argentina at the right time, around day change. Brazil ended up signing a NAP towards the end of the month, without alliance approval. It is also pertinent to mention that Spain, Portugal, and Venezuela also signed a NAP without alliance approval before Congressional elections.

As May approached, Sirius had become quite fractured. Brazil left at the start of the month, wishing the best of luck to the alliance. The Brazilians have now signed an MPP with Argentina and been accepted into the South American regional pact, guaranteeing support to Argentina if it is attacked in its core regions. Spain, meanwhile, was wiped and unable to accomplish much. Because of an admin competition in which Argentina achieved second place, Argentina was able to airstrike and wipe out Croatia from India with x2 determination. They now share India with CUA and LETO allies.

It was around the 21st of May, that Sirius initially asked us to “help” Spain by NEing Argentina. It took around half an hour of tedious explanations to get individuals to realise that an 11th hour NE on Argentina would be insufficient to get Spain a region (and Congress) before 02.00 on the 23rd (when regions lock).

Meanwhile, Spain’s discontent with Sirius continued to mount. Nations that are used to full bonuses, as Spain was during TWO, do not handle themselves well when wiped. Furthermore, Spain had no real source of night damage left, except the USA against Argentina, as Chile had refused to help Spain.

A few other things need to be mentioned here. The ever-present Finland-Estonia struggle that had been temporarily halted by Russia’s intervention in Finland, was restarted. As Russia holds Lapland, Poland repeatedly threatened USA representatives with a NE of Russia - a move that would remove practically all of Poland’s Aurora and night time MPPs. This, coupled with rumours of a silent deal involving Poland and several Asterian powers, did not help USA’s confidence.

It took a bit of research from our state department but we finally figured out that the famed Asteria plan to wipe the USA was, for now, a myth. Having been lied to by our alliance HQ, the USA leadership felt slighted. One thing led to another, and we felt satisfied with a NAP agreement with Argentina, to safeguard our borders. As other Sirius countries had been readily signing NAPs, both official and unofficial, why wouldn’t the USA be able to do the same?

As the USA NAP with Argentina went public, Spain threw a fit and their reps quit the alliance channels. This was followed by Spaniards starting a vote in their meta-Congress to leave Sirius - a vote that passed. To prevent Spain from leaving, Sirius SG Iain Keers (with support from member countries) voted to remove USA from the alliance instead. It was made clear to everyone that if Spain left, Poland and the UK would leave with them, and any recognizable form of ‘Sirius’ after that would be lost.

So here we are, being accused of taking the easy road once again. While Sirius has lacked direction and cohesion for a long time, accusing the USA of being a terrible ally and blaming it for alliance issues is a joke. Regardless, this move is best for both the United States of America and for Sirius, who can now devote all their energies to getting Congress for Spain despite the fact that they now have now zero night damage. USA can now start looking for friends that actually care for it instead of resorting to threats when they do not get as they want.

I am sad to see Sirius go the direction it did. I also know that given our history, USA is a very convenient target and easy to blame for alliance mishaps. That being said, I feel that our side of the story had to be told.

An American soldier,
Wild Owl



Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,384, 00:58

Thanks to the people who proof read this article for me.

angeldav Day 2,384, 02:15

hahaahahha x1000

1st- when usa was asked to attack argentina, u first said no cause we won't get congress for spain this month; when u get asked second you say ok.
2nd- when all the people who thinks u will help read an article with a nap with argentina (recognizing spain like a colony of argentina) and that was the first new all the sirius members got about the nap.
3rd- your goverment say the nap is to focus on croatia-turquia.
4th- your goverment say the nap is to get to spain congress with a diplomatic way.
5th- argentina say, during all the conversations for the nap with USA; usa never speak about spain.

angeldav Day 2,384, 02:38

and now, tell me i lie if you can; if not, just shut up; stop throwing balls out and recognize that u must told about the nap at least to spain

"All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood."

NueveOcho Day 2,384, 15:08

Both Spain and USA suck as allies, don't try to blame just USA

Stolch Day 2,384, 16:58

Some things change and others stay the same, choices, choices, choices. The silver lining in all of this is, that the PTO/post-EDEN era for USA which was paralyzingly the country on many occasions in the past is now over.

You do have to keep in mind one thing though, you'll be starting from 0 with pretty much everyone and should look at it that way, rather then trying to revive old relations, thouse would only replicate old problems.

Anyway good luck, you're in a good position so you should be fine as long as you do not become too paranoid. With the determination bonus, the USA has become a real pain to wipe and little to be gained from it 😉

FAF Skinner
FAF Skinner Day 2,384, 19:02

Nueveocho, stop bullshit for a while, please.

You are so ridiculous allways talking about the same shit.

ALL the countries made mistakes, also eSpaing, ofc. But now, we are talking about one thing that is very clear; eUSA only cares about themselves, and, whe they have been "forced" to risk his bonus for an allie, they have chosen to sign a NAP with the (our) enemy. End of story.

Is there someone who has seen someday eUSA tanking hard for an allie? That's the difference between countries like eUSA and others like eSpain, ePoland, eCroatia.

I will never support an alliance wich takes into account eUSA as a founder member.

NueveOcho Day 2,385, 08:59

No m8, you know I'm right about it: Spain cares only for Spain's bonus, same as USA cares only for USA's bonus.

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Day 2,384, 01:05

And here American people is the truth.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,384, 07:51

At least a spin of the truth, with focus shifted from what a terrible ally USA is, to what a bunch of retards the spaniards are.

LordRahl2 Day 2,384, 09:05

The US historically devotes overwhelmingly large %s of damage to its allies and receives almost zero in return.

How do you define who is a good ally LV?

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,384, 09:27

Historically, it doesn`t.

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,384, 09:28

This still doesn't acknowledge the fact that we were irresponsible allies and the way these issues were handled was so bad it caused the Sec of State to quit her position.

It comes down to this: USA was a bad ally... Sirius was a bad alliance.

The USA just needs to admit their wrong as well and try to learn something from all of this for the future.

Both sides were wrong and both sides have TERRIBAD spin.

Derphoof Day 2,384, 01:06

Voted for an eloquent explanation of the facts.

ichighost Day 2,384, 01:14

voted :v

Hrrvat Day 2,384, 01:14


Mourning Star
Mourning Star Day 2,384, 01:14

Banana! \o/

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 2,384, 01:15

Full of rumours and all based on nonsense. Why your President promised to help Spain then refused even communication with alliance, why your government did not even let alliance know about NAP, etc. These are the questions have been asked and you answered none of them. I was not sure If Keers is right and you proved he is. Thanks.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,384, 09:16

Said the infamous faker.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,384, 09:23

ne kadar ezik oldugunu bi anlasan

Ejdatful Day 2,384, 10:37

Once Jean Reno then Frank Underwood and finally an Ottoman. Living evidence of Darwin's theory !

Tenshibo Day 2,384, 10:53


kawa_89 Day 2,384, 01:16

Didn't read but voted xD

E R M A L Day 2,384, 01:25

at least stick to the old brothers Albania as we always hold your back also now in the war with Canada (:

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,384, 01:27

We will.

Princess of Nigeria
Princess of Nigeria Day 2,384, 01:25


The Anaconda
The Anaconda Day 2,384, 01:25

Spail always butthurt about something

Almirante Cjhurruca Day 2,384, 11:17

Comment deleted

The Anaconda
The Anaconda Day 2,384, 11:18

I don't know if you noticed but that gold thing on my pic spells "MEK" and the last time I checked, Spaniards still peed themselves when they heard the name

Almirante Cjhurruca
Almirante Cjhurruca Day 2,384, 11:24

My phrase was refering to spaniards always being the culprit, it's the last resort excuse to cowards and backstabbers 😛
And yes, I can't fully sleep since the last MEK day, that was in the between of months and months of Portuguese erasure

costin1989 Day 2,384, 01:27

long and interesting article.


donlaerto Day 2,384, 01:31

"USA can now start looking for friends that actually care for it instead of resorting to threats when they do not get as they want." - Hail Albania Hail USA.

DMV3 Day 2,384, 01:33

And all this time I thought Canada destroyed Sirius. Color me disappointed. 😛

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,384, 05:50

Is that like a medium purple?

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,384, 12:01

it's pink

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,384, 01:37

"we finally figured out that the famed Asteria plan to wipe the USA was, for now, a myth"

LOL, plan. No need of a plan, if you are a enemy alliance member, you are a viable target.
Unless, ofc, we sign something (NAP; MPP, whatever) then all is cool. Had the US NE'd Argentina, Argentina probably would have returned North of Brazil, closing the border, ignore the spaniard RW's once congress wipe was a sure thing, then return them little by little, and invaded the US.

But take Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Peru, India, US, Bolivia and THEN Nigeria?

We not that insane.

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,384, 01:39

You know that they have agreements with all of the countries that they occupy except Spain and India, right?

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,384, 01:43

I'm argentinian, been there, signed this and that as well.

The more RW's, the more the damage is spread uselessly.
To take a country like the US, with 50 original regions, takes time, determination increases on 1st region before last is taken. Doable, but not with 7 RWs on, plus NE's and maybe alliance needs help somewhere else as well.

Sorry for my vocab, Near 6:00 AM here.

Lord Juan
Lord Juan Day 2,385, 09:08

Either way they lied about who were planning to attack U.S.. Look, I do not carry with me for the Yankees as changed Argentina for Chile from one day to another, but here are right.

We have never seen U.S. seriously as an objective fact them a disservice by going against us and depending Poland decides to help overkillear RWs instead of seeking prestige points were made.

As it is clear that there is equal treatment in Sirius, it becomes a joke to demand things that alliance members while walking in anyone.

Beyond that U.S. has gone to his ball is not anything you have not done the other members of Sirius in a position to help.

TheJuliusCaesar Day 2,384, 01:45

Thank you for covering the american perspective of the matter, well written. Now we have the both sides of the story and can finally form an objective picture of it. This was urgently needed, voted for visibility.

Soulcraft Day 2,384, 01:56

Voted o/

TheUnit Yack
TheUnit Yack Day 2,384, 02:01

Wow, you are alive 🙂

Soulcraft Day 2,384, 02:11


Fanaxidiel Day 2,384, 01:59

What I learned in 4 years of eRepublik is that eUSA is a strong country, but it's terribly hard to direct his damage, and very often eUSA's allies overstimate what this nation can do for them. Probably it's a sign of esteem towards the country, but it can also be, somehow, a lack of knowledge about it. If eUSA NEd Argentina alone, it would be suicide. If Poland was to AS somewhere to be ready to attack Argentina in the core regions, and Croatia too, well, that could have been different. Was that the plan? If it wasn't I really don't see a good reason to blame so much eUSA.

That's why I appreciate this article, although I am sad about the news in it. Voted!

Kikoo Day 2,384, 11:52

That's OK. What many people like me want to know is why they said they will NEd Argentina and few hours later they sign a NAP backwards the Alliance.

Fanaxidiel Day 2,384, 12:33

Well: I guess what a CP should do when an alliance is forcing and insisting so much to make a strategically suicidal move.
1) Try to take time
2) If they go on try to say you are involved in other stuff
3) Once you aren't involved in other stuff and they go on, you should make this way: give them a reason to blame you as CP or player, trying anyway to save your country for as long as possible, signing a treaty which actually will make the alliance mad about you, but maybe will save your country from being surely wiped.

jver1207 Day 2,384, 13:13

everyone knows that answer. your question is better read as 'we would like your BS twisted explanation please'.

m60a3tts Day 2,384, 12:57

USA was not kicked from Sirius for rejecting to NE Argentina, that would not have been a reason. USA was rejected for accepting to NE Argentina while knowing they would not do it, and failing to act in good faith.

jver1207 Day 2,384, 13:16

sounds like usa sucks as an allie?

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