SINYO- a bulgarian song sang for an argentinian

Day 6,074, 18:59 Published in Bulgaria Czech Republic by Clorofila

This is a dream come true.

I am a musician who explores music from different countries, and one day I bumped into a great Bulgarian band. His lead singer, Dimitar Ekimov, died tragically in 2008. He was the voice leader and main composer of the band called SLANG. This song was composed by him

I started this project like 2 years ago. In the process, some Bulgarian friends helped me with the lyrics (pronuntiation): NO CARRIER, BELTUK but mainly my dearest friend buba4ko. Buba helped me repeatedly, with advice, video resources, examples, to practice and to find my own voice in this difficult language.

I will record the song more properly in the future, but this is my first approach. I know that I am far from sounding well in Bulgarian but I love this song and wanted to give it a try.

I want to dedicate this version to my dear Bulgarian friends and particularly to buba4ko with my endless gratitude.

you can listen here:

With love