Singapore was Slapped; Let's Fix the Bruise

Day 526, 15:33 Published in Singapore Bulgaria by Jewitt

President Arbryn released earlier in an article titled "Chairman of the Joint Chiefs William Shafer Fired," Colonel Shafer had allegedly stolen an organization named Tentera Singapura.

After moving to Russia, it seems like William Shafer is out of Singapore's reach. So, now what? Vent? Yell? Demand? How about recovery?

Speaking with Presidential candidate John Jay, I learned that he was looking into the possibility of recovering the lost funds and increasing overall revenue of the Singaporean Treasury. He asked me personally to look at Singapore's tax scheme and economy.

I have been watching it now for fourteen days to this date and I must say, you guys have a pretty stable economy comparatively. The problem is revenue. Singapore, like other eNations, cannot flourish, defend, and progress without at least a three-digit GOLD income monthly. With about 550 active citizens working in this nation, you all have the potential to "make bank," as we say where I come from.

The question is: Are you all ready to take the step to increasing your nation's treasury? National security, defense, and strength will increase on a national scale if you all do so. These companies and assets cannot be replaced overnight, but the future must be looked at. What is the most efficient method to create a strong revenue while allowing the economy to flourish as it is now?

I believe I am in the right in requesting that the Singaporean people and Congress look into this, not for their own ideological backing, but for the success of Singapore.

-Jewitt, A relative nobody in Singaporean politics


The companies which were stolen have been returned to Singaporean state control by the work of our own editor, Jewitt, and Sir Edward of Avalon. The Report wishes to thank these men for their contributions in obtaining and returning the stolen property.