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Short pesentation about myself

Day 1,951, 07:15 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by Danyal al Battani
Dear citizens,

My real name is Daniel (for this game I chose the arabic form) and I'm from Germany. I'm here in eSaudi Arabia to support our country. I'm relatively new here, but I know all the rules. If I had a problem I would talk to you.

At first, I want to say 'thank you' to the congress that I'm allowed to be an eSaudi. I'll do my best to be a strong and active part of the community!

Then, I want to explain where I could maybe work. I spoke at least five languages good. They are: german, english, french, spanish and italian. Then I can also understand portuguese, dutch, afrikaans and a bit greek and polish. So, if you have anything that needs to be translated, just ask me.

Maybe in a few weeks, I could start to work as an ambassador. At the moment, I'm very busy. If you have any other jobs for me, send me a PM!

A wonderful Palm Sunday to everybody!



cakson Day 1,951, 07:17

benvenuto bro

Danyal al Battani
Danyal al Battani Day 1,951, 08:11

Mille grazie

cakson Day 1,951, 15:33

sama sama 😛

Altaer Day 1,951, 07:26

Welcome to eSaudi Arabia 🙂

Danyal al Battani
Danyal al Battani Day 1,951, 08:11


I-G-D Day 1,951, 07:39

Welcome to eSaudi.


Danyal al Battani
Danyal al Battani Day 1,951, 08:11


Farbous Day 1,951, 09:02


Nekor75 Day 1,951, 09:50


hazem95 Day 1,951, 12:19

Welcome to eSaudi.


Molinos Arabes
Molinos Arabes Day 1,952, 12:45

Bienvenido a Arabia Saudí 🙂

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