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SHIELD for Victory!

Day 2,016, 15:12 Published in USA USA by Jakov Mikhailovich

SHIELD and All Loyal Americans: CURB THE SERB!

Dateline May 27, 2013! The world is at war! The eUS has been sneak attacked and we will respond in kind! Our boys in black, the mighty agents of SHIELD struggle daily with the Balkan menace! There is nowhere they can hide; there is no front we will not engage until their blight is removed from the Earth! Hey, boys, sock ol’ Slobodan Milosevic once in the kisser for yours truly!


In the mess hall, Crash Thompson serves up hot Q7 grub daily! It sticks to the ribs so SHIELD can stick one to the ribs of Belgrade! Eat up, guys, those Serbs aren’t going to kill themselves (though God only knows why not)!

By my hammer, Crash makes the finest food this side of the Bifrost!

Back on the home front, The Federalists are holding an argon crystal drive to power those quantum laser turrets! Determined civilians are giving up the use of their Mr. Fusions to ensure the Greatest Generation overseas have enough fire power to blow those quisling Serbians a new borsht hole!

Marty McFury: I don’t understand, Doc. What happens in the future? Do we become jerks or something?
Doc SHIELD: Worse! The Serbs win a browser game if we don’t get this to the argon crystal scrap drive!
Marty McFury: That’s heavy! Let’s curb the Serb!

Move over, Rosie the Riveter! Molly Emma is running a weapons factory, supplying those agents of SHIELD with some prime fire power! Keep up the good work, Molly Manufacturer! Let’s turn Serbia into an even bigger slag heap!

Serving up Q7 knuckle sandwiches.

In Washington, presidential hopeful Paul Proteus vows to wipe Serbia off the map and push every last Serb into the sea! Other candidates are running on an appeasement platform by which we will make the Serbians sandwiches in hopes that they will bury the hatchet. I know that member of the Fourth Estate have an honor-bound duty for impartiality, but this one man’s opinion is that the choice is clear! Proteus for Poteus!

“I am pulling out of the race and voting Proteus for Poteus!”

So arm up, agents of SHIELD! We’ve got a space left on the helicarrier for anyone who wants to enlist! We will curb the Serb!




Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 2,016, 15:16

SHIELDs up o7

theAbsynthius Day 2,016, 15:29


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,016, 15:40

Seriously? It was the nazi comment? *facepalm*

Glad to see this back up!

Delyruin Day 2,017, 01:06

effectively calling internet people worse than Nazi's is really a tad overkill.

fingerguns Day 2,017, 09:10

Not when they're Serbs.

sony toprano
sony toprano Day 2,018, 11:14

Nice to see you in Belgrade, fingerguns. Welcome! We won't be worse than Nazis to you.

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 2,016, 15:50

Good stuff as alwsys

bigcdizzle Day 2,016, 16:18

Voted. Still ready to curb(stomp) Serbs.

crashthompson. Day 2,016, 18:40

Always glad to see your stuff Jakov


Petey Alazar
Petey Alazar Day 2,016, 19:13

Curb the Serb! p/h

Dogpyle Day 2,016, 19:55

Well, I guess I just have to vote again.

I clicked extra hard. Maybe it stays up this time.

Pug Johnson
Pug Johnson Day 2,017, 02:00

The Few
The Proud
The Horny

Sztandar Day 2,017, 02:50

"The eUS has been sneak attacked"

lolcontent appreciated, but you're still losing badly

DariusReg Day 2,017, 03:01

hahaha i love your articles

s m r t n i k
s m r t n i k Day 2,017, 03:08

hahahha you are from Balkans

Norbengo Day 2,017, 03:59

""The eUS has been sneak attacked""

Actually eUS started this war, but whatever...

crashthompson. Day 2,017, 04:47

I think he means the infiltration of Free Area as the sneak attack.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,017, 09:15

Lol, and you are going to justify that with the RL bombing of Serbia right?

fingerguns Day 2,017, 09:17

Serbs: "This is just a game! Relax! We are killing you because of RL problems! It's just a game! And we want revenge for RL!" hurrdurrhurrdurr

Norbengo Day 2,017, 11:39

Comment deleted

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 2,017, 12:08

Norbengo, if your stupidity could be measured, you'd break the scale for sure.

Norbengo Day 2,017, 23:57

Relax kid. I know it hurts, but theres no need for insults 😉

GemaMilos Day 2,017, 04:13


Nice one, come again 😉

Bojan Malinic96
Bojan Malinic96 Day 2,017, 05:04


Mladen DS1989
Mladen DS1989 Day 2,017, 06:01


Sle7en Day 2,017, 06:53

The best!

sony toprano
sony toprano Day 2,017, 07:08

You sneak attack yourself every time you say "kill all Serbs", "bombs over Belgrade"...etc. This is not real life where you can hide behind the biggest economy in the world and military might. Gotta watch what you say.

fingerguns Day 2,017, 09:11

Or'll PTO an imaginary country in a browser game?

sony toprano
sony toprano Day 2,018, 11:12

I won't PTO anyone, that's not my purpose. But I will enjoy watching you fail in your game objectives. So answer me, do you think it's acceptable for people to say "kill all Serbs"? You, as a prominent American player, should be among the first to condemn such outbursts regardless of what you think of Serbs here or in real life.

fingerguns Day 2,018, 12:14

If we're talking about eRep, then yes...KILL ALL OF THE SERBS.

I couldn't pick you turds out of a lineup in RL though.

sony toprano
sony toprano Day 2,018, 18:54

How would you do that? Chase us around in guerrilla fights? Hahahha. Even then we live to fight another day.

Chernobyl disaster
Chernobyl disaster Day 2,018, 08:17

Это ИГРА . в Реальной Жизни , Сербы вообще братья славяне !
Я за Сербов - любому ноги оторву !

fingerguns Day 2,017, 09:12

This is brilliant

Curb the Serb!!

Blut Engel
Blut Engel Day 2,017, 09:23

North Carolina - Holly Serbian State! Soon there will be more 😛

BalkanBiH Day 2,017, 09:25

Support from eBosnia!

Hertop Day 2,017, 09:42



Daniel Day Lewis
Daniel Day Lewis Day 2,017, 10:34


Anotherlamedrunk Day 2,017, 11:34

I still need an avatar :<

Greene12 Day 2,017, 13:16

I linked you ;_;
The exact forum board to post the pic you want used for an avatar is here:

you'll need to register an account and stuff 😶

DelijeKljajicevo1989 Day 2,017, 13:03

Serbs will destroy you !

War3hous313 Day 2,017, 13:20

buy few more hundreds of votes, and you will feel better for sure. : P
and than again, maybe its better to buy some energy bars. you will need them. xD
fiftheen thousand eSerbs will march through eUSA, and we wile stay there until we kill your will to play!
better pack your begs and fly to india. : P
wish you all the best in RL and see you on the battlefield.

Skorpion 35
Skorpion 35 Day 2,017, 13:46 or how wild serbs rescue more then 500 american pilots during WW 2

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 2,017, 18:07

Shileds up, panths down trololo : )

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 2,017, 18:08


fingerguns Day 2,017, 19:03

yes THAT was the error.

Bohemond4 Day 2,017, 22:00

Murican Propaganda!

Darko Stanisavljevic
Darko Stanisavljevic Day 2,018, 01:21

you know that Milosevic is dead for some 10 - 15 years and before that overthrown and arrested by SERBIAN people and extradited to ICC ? just checking...anyway, good luck!

Nosferato Bojnik
Nosferato Bojnik Day 2,018, 01:37

Free Texas!!! (or we will)

Shkupi CASUAL Day 2,018, 04:06

only country that attacks everyone they want, with false accusations and no real reasons is USA. Attacked avganistan cause of danger to whole World lol...Found shit, but killed lots of their people cause of revenge for some terrorist attack...After that, you needed oil, said Sadam has nuclear weps, found nothing, but got your oil...Then Lybia...

I really don't know how can country like that teach anyone about democracy, equality, freedom, justice...

Don't get me wrong, this is a game, and I don't hate any eUS player...but in have some nice gov choices...that doesn't justify your talk about Serbia, or Serbians...And I mentioned just 3 RL wars you brought to the world.

fingerguns Day 2,018, 05:54

Thanks for proving the point that you guys can't tell the difference between a game and RL.

Heeeeey maaaan, just relax. It's only a game hurhurhur

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