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Shame on them

Day 1,872, 06:17 Published in USA USA by Faruk Hujkic

Shame on USA,Poland,China and other powerful countries but these ones should be very shamed because we are in deep economic crisis we had 100-500$ and now we have 20?? lousy then what in 2 months 10 and 5 and then what?? I spend more money than i make or earn!!!!We need to tell other politicians to stop stealing
money and help us!!!!! They don't care they can buy what ever they want shame on them!!!!!!!! We need true leaders who help people and not to steal!!!
We all have too unite and say to politicians to give us higher payment at least
more then 100$



Candor Day 1,872, 06:22

Stop the thieving elites! To arms!

I'm sending you $101 to help. Goodluck!

Gyurak Day 1,872, 06:24

Smaraš bespotrebno.. Cilj igre je da peglaš karticu pa ćeš i imat para..

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,872, 06:34

Useless article is useless.

CrackerJax Day 1,872, 08:11

With that many exclamation points, how couldn't I agree.

Syz2 Day 1,872, 09:23

You see, every nation has similar wages to ours. Its not the politician's fault, its the fault of the game itself and Plato. We can't do anything about it. Just rely on aid programs from the government.

Hunter Dean Rivett
Hunter Dean Rivett Day 1,873, 20:30

Liberals...what are you gonna do?

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