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SFH Issue 1: 2013 - Te Pori Kakenga

Day 1,871, 21:27 Published in New Zealand Australia by Ginny Tory

Dawn. Over the western mountains a bird soars up out of the morning mist into the infinite blue sky. With it’s flight, Te Pori will rise.

Kakenga, the Maori word for rise. 2013, will be the year which Te Pori comes out of the shadows of the high mountains and climb to the peak.

The party’s councils, operations, and programs will bloom to their full strength and effectiveness. But in order to have this done, a few things must be done first...


All members of Te Pori must join the eNZ forums. It is difficult to organize live person-person meetings with a large group covering the whole globe. Therefore, the most effective way to communicate which Te Pori has adopted is the use of the national forums.
All debates, discussions, announcement, votes, etc. will be held there.

In order to get the most out of one’s Te Pori membership, presents on the forums is a must. Otherwise all of the political opportunities and membership powers will be forfeited.

It is asked that all members please sign up for the forum under their eRepublik name and apply membership to the SFG (Silver Fern Guard) Sub-forum, where we operate:


Te Pori’s mentoring program officially begins it’s operation.

Individuals who are interested in serving as a mentor to new members to teach them the eRepublik game are asked to fill out this form: (Copy and paste link)

Applicants will be tested in their knowledge of the game to secure the best quality in education.

Te Pori is dedicated to continue its work in creating a tight-knit, brotherhood of members.


Te Pori will soon be offering graphic designing services to other groups within eRepublik.

Images found on this article and others within the Silver Fern Herald, Te Pori, and Silver Fern Guard are examples of this group's work.

More details will be published soon.


There are a number of vacant positions and halls which need filling:

Central Court
-Congressional Organizer

Stone Table Circle

Silver Fern Guard
-Regiment 2 Captain

-Mentors (See link above)

Moko Graphics
-Graphic Designers/Artists

For position details, please refer to the Kaer Zealandia article.

If one wishes to fill one of these positions, please PM Ginny Tory with the following content:

1. Position Title
2. Resume / Portfolio (Moko Graphics)
3. Paragraph why one wants the job and should get it.

The best qualified individuals will be places in the positions first.

Te Pori is determined to become a large, well known, well respected, fair, inclusive, successful political party within eNew Zealand in 2013.

May Te Pori Kakenga.

Ginny Tory
SFHerald Owner


Crusadercarl Day 1,872, 17:27

The lack of GT bikini pics is disappointing. However ur a cool as eKiwi and ty for all the work ur doing helping eNZ. Good luck with ur party, is looking very good so far:)

Crusadercarl Day 1,872, 17:28

I'm happy to be a mentor, but the form link isn't working for me:(

Isaac Anderson
Isaac Anderson Day 1,872, 19:35

CC, Miss you man!!! I can help you out with the form link

Crusadercarl Day 1,872, 21:25

Hey Isaac o/ Great to see u again:)

Just fill the damn thing out for me:P

I have to admit I'm not around much but I will love my little newb like he was a free bottle of rum;)

Binda33 Day 1,872, 22:11

Good luck.

EternalLightStream Day 1,873, 08:05

Seems bright and grease

Isaac Anderson
Isaac Anderson Day 1,873, 19:04

Sharing is Caring CC 😉

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