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Serbia... Like it or not, here she comes.... Part 1

Day 2,162, 15:09 Published in Australia Serbia by Mali Vanja

Ok... O.O"
What to say about Serbia...
It's a country of agroculture, natural beauties etc etc.... Same all, same all...<.<
Let's start from the begining... It all started in 1389th...

The Serbs were fighting against Turkish occupators: Otomans!

They wanted their freedom... "Give us the freedom!!!" Someone yells... QQ
"Why?! Why are they doing this to us?! For god sake, why?!"
And then came the feudalism. A lot of serbian people had to convert to islam 'couse
of not being killed... Sad but true.
Like something that comes in all wars, a lot of parents lost their children.... But
not in usuall way... No, they are not killed. They were kidnapped by Otomans when they were still babies and teached to fight their own people... So called Yanichars... Brrrrr it gives me breezes...

So called Yanichar.
Description of Yanichar: Serbian children, kidnaped by Otomans in young age. Trained to fight their own people, their brothers, fathers...
But serbian people got an idea... Otomans were just taking babies that weren't handikaped... Serbs were in situations to break an arm of their child just not to let the Otomans take their kid.... Even popping the eye out of their child.... Sad? Terrible? Sick?! But true... Sad it is... "My child will live!", hurted parent said...

World War I
Now, everyone knows about WWI...
But do you know how it "started"?
Let's hear the story:
Serbia was freed of Otomans just so she could be occupated again by Austro-Ugarian Empire.
Once slave, always the slave...
There was this dude called Gavrilo Princip. Young, ambiciouse man... He was a member of an organisation called Mlada Bosna (Young Bosnia).
It was an organisation that was made to interrupt the occupators plans.
He tried to kill this dude:
Mr. Franz Ferdinand
An Austro-Ugarian army commander...
Well, he failed... Gavrilo menaged to wound him only... And then commited the suicide just so Austrians couldn't catch him alive...
That's the reason WWI started in first place... But Serbia only wanted her freedom. Was it a big thing to ask for? Freedom? FREEDOM?!
Of course it was, thanks to the politics...

Part II comming soon! Thanks for reading! Please vote and sub if you like it


Firtz Day 2,162, 20:07

No offence but Serbia WAS on my vacation travel list... WAS... .

lord braddy
lord braddy Day 2,162, 23:34

It is still a beautiful country. I went there recently and some cities in my opinion can match that of Rome.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,163, 01:00

Voted \o/

I read an article in here once with pictures of Serbia and It does look like a beautiful you gave the world and Man United Vidic!

Crusadercarl Day 2,163, 11:07

A very hard history but a very beautiful country and cool people:)

Mali Vanja
Mali Vanja Day 2,163, 14:38

Yes there are amazing places to visit.

BOUD1CCA Day 2,164, 01:44

Serbians are tough - they have had s**t thrown on them for centuries & still they hang on.
They are the best example of the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" \o/

Sonny the Weasel
Sonny the Weasel Day 2,164, 02:54

Those soldiers are called janissaries.
Can't wait for part 2. That's when WW2 begins and Serbia cooperates with the nazis. And the genocide commited starting 1992 should be very interesting too...

Mali Vanja
Mali Vanja Day 2,164, 12:08

Serbia wasnt cooperating with nazis. I don't know where u got that 🙂

BOUD1CCA Day 2,164, 04:55

Serbia cooperated? There may have been a Nazi aligned regime in Croatia, but Serbians fought very hard against the Nazis

Sonny the Weasel
Sonny the Weasel Day 2,164, 22:09

so the most famous Serbian general of WW2 was tried and convicted of high treason and war crimes just for fun?

RedWolfz0r Day 2,164, 07:04

So I've been to Serbia irl, and what you've written is bordering on racist. At the very least it is extremely ignorant.

Mali Vanja
Mali Vanja Day 2,164, 12:08

I wouldn't say that its racist. That is how it happened. I wrote in the title "LIke it or not"

RedWolfz0r Day 2,164, 18:10

No, that is not "how it happened". A lot of what you're written is either untrue or a gross oversimplification. I would do an analysis, but frankly I don't want to waste my time on such garbage. The highlights of "had to convert to islam 'couse of not being killed" or "That's the reason WWI started in first place" should make it obvious for anyone with an education that you're spewing garbage.

BOUD1CCA Day 2,164, 14:05

Where is the racism??

RedWolfz0r Day 2,164, 18:12

Describing people based on an ignorant stereotype is usually considered racist.

BOUD1CCA Day 2,165, 04:08

Could you be more specific please. I am looking for a specific example in the article & really cannot see anything that would be described as describing a people on an ignorant stereotype.
You have made a rather nasty & mean spirited attack on someone who is, as he said, "just writing the history of Serbia"
As for you Sonny, attacking a player for something he has not said - just what you think he would say if he got the chance. Well, If ever there was an example of prejudice,. I only hope that others think that you & Redwolf are not typical of Australians

Sonny the Weasel
Sonny the Weasel Day 2,164, 22:20

Agree. I can't wait for this kid's explanation of the 1990s conflict and how they were seeking freedom by killing thousands in Bosnia and Croatia.

Mali Vanja
Mali Vanja Day 2,165, 06:40

Muslims, Croatians and Serbs killed thousands. There are no individuals here.
There were genocides on all 3 sides. That's the truth.
And don't play smart with me about 90s war. I lost a lot of my family members in it. So shush!

Mali Vanja
Mali Vanja Day 2,165, 02:02

I`m just writing the history of Serbia...

Sonny the Weasel
Sonny the Weasel Day 2,165, 13:26

and I just don't like to be fed lies

Mali Vanja
Mali Vanja Day 2,165, 23:55

Tell me something. Do u know anything about history that i'm writing?

Sonny the Weasel
Sonny the Weasel Day 2,166, 02:10

more than you think

Mali Vanja
Mali Vanja Day 2,167, 12:14

Which nationality r u?

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