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Senpai-Kohai Program - Distribution I

Day 1,911, 08:44 Published in Japan Portugal by Lucifel

Attention citizens between level 5 and 25! Complete your Daily Order, leave a comment with a screenshot to get your reward!

This giveaway is valid on the days of 1911, 1912, 1913 of the New World.

The giveaway will be registered on the Financial Database of the Ministry of Education by Day 1914 of the New World.

Minister of Education

P.S. - All the citizens that wish to contribute with currency or gold to the state effort of eJapan can do so by donating it to Lucifel.

The Donations shall be registered in the following link


biodiesel Day 1,911, 09:50

chile in pampas - 1911

can i do again tomorrow?

Lucifel Day 1,911, 10:04

yes you may

Anorna Day 1,911, 17:36


i hit the DO as well, here is the ss of it:
day 1911

biodiesel Day 1,912, 05:24

how do you show battle statistics at the bottom of money and gold??

Anorna Day 1,912, 08:29

biodiesel, it is a script called erepublikstuff.

Veliki Vruc
Veliki Vruc Day 1,912, 06:10

It's done 🙂

Lucifel Day 1,912, 07:43

So far:

150 Q5 Food units ; 30 Q6 Weapons distributed.

Anorna Day 1,912, 10:20

well, i completed the DO once again 🙂

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,912, 12:18

Voted hard, good job Lucifel-san! ^w^

Anorna Day 1,913, 09:29

completed the do for day 1913 as well:

cristobal1492 Day 1,913, 10:59

completed day 1913

Lula Lavrov
Lula Lavrov Day 1,913, 12:26

DO completed for day 1913:

Jin Yang
Jin Yang Day 1,913, 15:09


Lucifel Day 1,913, 16:08

Senpai-Kohai Program report:
350 Q5 Food
70 Q6 Weapons

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