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Senatum: Fortitudinem et Honorem

Day 1,890, 05:51 Published in USA USA by Drew Blood

‘A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. ‘
‘Dao De Jing’ ~ Laozi

Praetorian Guard
Fortitudinem, et Honorem

First I wish to make it clear, I speak for myself only and since I believe in ‘American Unity’ have decided to come out in favor of SPQR -sort of; it has come to my attention that Henry Pfeiffer Arundel seems to have once again wormed or blackmailed himself into a leadership position. Although I feel that he should be allowed to express his opinion; America will never accept the SPQR movement as long as he is allowed to make decisions concerning America's future; so long as his behaviour is condoned by some in the SPQR movement it will be seen as nothing more than another desperate grab for power by the ‘Flufferist’ and what could have been a great unifying cause will never get off the ground; they are even employing the same tactics against those in opposition -intimidation and censorship. In recent days America has seen the rise of a new form of ‘American Unity’, a unity they say asks only that you support unity during Presidential and Congressional Elections; a unity they say that does not ask you to leave one Party or Military Unit for another -one which does not ask you to shut up and get the f word out.

You can not proclaim that the SPQR movement stands for those things and then deny American citizens free speech, Serendipitous started a thread called SPQR - NOW AND FOREVER discussing the movement (at this point I would ask that you go read that thread), now I had seen that thread and had remained silent until I was mentioned by Civil Anarchy; to which I responded with this -which has been trashed. Now how is this ‘Unity’ different from any other ‘Flufferist’ led unity, how is this allowing American citizens to voice their opinions; how is this involving all citizens and not just the ‘Flufferist’?

‘American Unity Underground’

Since the changes in the political module Congress is simply a reflection of the Party Leadership, Party Leadership reflects the Government Leadership controlling ATo operations during PP Elections. Everyone knows that ATo operations have been forced upon us because of the AFA and ‘The Gimper’, totally against such operations but understand the need for them; one of the first things the SPQR movement should accomplish is making ‘American Unity’ obsolete by defeating the AFA once and for all.

‘American Unity’ simply asks that you remain where you are and work for unity within your party, in order to effect American policies citizens must get involved by speaking up and volunteering to help their party; one huge flaw in the SPQR movement IMO is the ‘cult of personality’ it seems to engender. It is just such a cult that has brought us to the black abyss into which we now stare. Some of the citizens who are involved in SPQR have spoken with me and I have made it clear I wish to support ‘American Unity’, however so far the SPQR movement has been all ‘fluff’ and no substance; ask them a couple of hard questions and it gets censored and File 13ed.

Although IMO a couple of missteps were made in the run up of the SPQR movement and their dream of a Nova Roma, I believe in the sincerity of this call for ‘American Unity’ because of citizens I respect who were involved with it’s creation; I believe there are those inside SPQR who truly wish to see the power structure change to include all American citizens.

Most importantly I believe there are citizens inside SPQR who wish to see immature name calling trollism squashed, not only in game but outside the game in IRC and on all the Forums; especially on the ‘American Congressional Forums’. We can not afford leadership who when opposed throw themselves on the floor like a 2 year old, everyone in this game knows how one of the SPQR movements leaders reacts when he doesn't get his way; America can not afford to allow immature leadership to negotiate with Governments who most times will tell him NO.

For our new citizens there happens to already be a movement which does believe in the values pontificate on by the SPQR movement, it is the We The People party and they simply ask that you get involved in YOUR Party. I would encourage citizens to join us but all we really want is for citizens to get involved and make their opinion known, their idea may not be used but it will certainly be listened to; because the WTP Leadership understands lightning strikes aluminum hats most often.

President Fingerguns

It was announced by President fingerguns in her article [PotUS] CoT and ATO that America has become a trial member of the Circle of Trust (CoT) alliance, one which most Americans have been against due to the fact that this Alliance has many TWO leaning countries; an alliance which I stand against based solely on the member countries MPP stacks -but more accurately I stand against any ‘meta alliance’.

What brought down CTRL was the fact Poland would not drop their ‘in game’ Serbian MPP, the reason was the effect it had ‘in game’ and not our ‘brotherhood’ with our allies in the ‘meta game’; add in the disagreement between Spain and Brazil over Poland and is it any wonder the Alliance was split before it could even walk? An alliance membership American citizens were not even told about until it was a done deal, an alliance which American citizens were against; so much so it folded because America left.

For me ‘meta alliances’ are meaningless, ‘in game’ Mutual Protection Pacts (MPP) are the only ‘alliances’ that have a mechanical effect on battles; they are the only alliances which will deter a country from attacking others through mechanics. America does not need to be in another useless ‘meta alliance’ and should remain outside any such alliance, what we need is a strong 'MPP Stack Alliance' that protects America ‘in game’; America should take this trial period to reconsider essentially becoming a TWO puppet.


After the CTRL fiasco many American citizens have been asking why they were not consulted concerning joining CoT, many in the current government have pointed out that Congress discussed the action; the majority being in favor of becoming a ‘trial member’ of CoT. Personally I blame the Party leadership of every Top 5 party for not bringing such matters to their party membership for discussion, something I hope ‘American Unity’ will focus on changing.

A citizen I respect, NewAzazel, in his article Nothing Permanent Except Change asks when America got lost:

'Cerb even wrote that he would like to see us join the alliance. Inwegen wrote and commented on wanting a closer relationship with the alliance. Fingerguns even campaigned on wanting to become closer with and join the alliance. At what point in this chain of events were you not aware of our foreign policy direction?'

My question is:

‘Discounting the AFA trolls, IMO Americans have pretty consistently been against joining CoT, IMO American citizens believe the first two Presidents mentioned were a part of the Pfeiffer Loyalist Line of PotUS that began with Pfeiffer blackmailing America; they barely accept President fingerguns as moving away from that cadre of 'Old Dog Politicians'. IMO most Americans believe that since ‘Unity’ was implemented every President was Pfeiffer’s choice and all have been looking to sell America to our enemies. So. At what point did Congress stop listening to the American citizens?’

"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking."
General George S Patton Jr

Although I have been giving the SPQR movement a hard time, I am all for Americans coming together. There is no denying that America would be much stronger if the rift between the JCS, USAF and American Politicians was allowed to heal, IMO that healing should be Priority #1 for the ‘American Unity’ movement; but my advice to foreign citizens -both inside and outside of America- who wish to harm our Community, ‘Do not mistake our disagreements as a weakness.’

America needs to look westward to the Far East, the Pacific Rim is a cornucopia of opportunity; America could and should regain 10/10 resource bonuses in the Far East. Moving west would not only regain our full complement of bonuses it would get us out of Europe totally, we should Ally with China, Australia and Brazil, we need then to drive Serbia out of the Pacific Rim and I hope ‘American Unity’ will support such a move; have you ever wondered why TWO controls the Pacific Rim?

China should be the next member of the Circle of Trust if America remains; a union between them Brazil and America would build a powerful MPP Alliance. EDEN is about to crumble taking most of Europe with it, their former members falling into the hands of Poland and Serbia and only CoT will stand against TWO -or will they simply join a Serbian Super Alliance. America needs to build an MPP stack with Brazil, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany and Ireland to start, these are the former allies and enemies who should be receiving both our apologies and help to regain or maintain their sovereignty; with their assistance we could hold the line in Europe to protect North and South America's Eastern Coastline.

Some citizens will be surprised by my support of what seems to be just another attempt by the ‘Fanatic Flufferist Faction’ to retain power, however it is plain to see that many citizens on the other side of the fence are a part of this movement. Maybe it is just another move by the ‘Pfeifferist’, maybe CoT countries will bring their MPP’s more in line with each other and may not, but I am willing to wait and see where it goes from here.

Make America strong, support the ‘American Unity Movement’.
Vote for your party January 25th!

'What we do in life echoes in eternity.
Strength and honor.'
Maximus Decimus Meridius

Order of the Black Shamrock
Unites States Air Force
6th Air Squadron
1st Fighter Wing
'Green Lantern Flight'



Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,890, 05:53

Nos sumus legionem!
Fortitudinem, et honorem!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,890, 08:03

Really same thing every article you write, bitching about Pfeiffer and "Flufferist"

No vote

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,890, 14:38

...and once again you and your friends have enable him, anyone who goes on IRC and intimidates someone, calling them filthy names needs to be pointed out; you and your friends have b***hed and b***hed about how RGR does the same stuff and he is America's #1 enemy. What the h*** is the difference between him and Pfeiffer? Explain why Pfeiffer can be an a** clown and no body says s**t?

Sad that the only point you picked to respond to was the stuff about him. How about the immature leadership? What about the fact that most Americans are against joining CoT? What about the fact Congress simply doesn't listen to the citizens who put them in office? What about the regaining of 10/10 bonuses, instead of moving USAF communes to Brazil? What about the fact that the eUS Forums still censor those who oppose the 'Flufferist'?

You picked one paragraph and gave the same old crap answer... Pfeiffer is Pfeiffer...and he will remain that way until he is held accountable for being a**h**e to everyone who disagrees with him...

Ezahiel Day 1,891, 05:12

Comment deleted

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,891, 05:20

You made some great points.

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