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Semi Retirement

Day 2,369, 22:05 Published in Canada Spain by Folphjorg

Hello eCanada and eRepublikers,

As another nobody in eRep, another has fallen to the clutches of bordem. I announce my semiretirement. This game has been whittled down to as just a chore. The thing that sucks me back in is the amazing community that accepted me when I first started my eRepublik adventures. With semi-retirement, I will come on every so often to fight and train when I somewhat remember. Being free of an MU and a PP I have no fear of becoming kicked or being inactive in an amazing and large MU like CoI. Basically free of responsibility :3 There have been amazing people that have guided me through the ranks and made me the "notable" D1 Noon that I am today.

KronosQ, Pat Harper, IBB, Zianni, Klop, Raganalow (RIP), Joshur, and many others that I can't mention or else the list may be too long.

eRep got me down, but I'll still be kicking around. Fighting for the glorious Maple Leaf for 2 years have been memorable. From my early days wiping the UK, fighting off the Spainard wipe and kicking some American ass.

Thanks for the 2 years eCan, I'll be around.


"I close my door so that others may be opened for a new generation"



DMV3 Day 2,370, 07:14

Good luck, and hopefully we'll see you around every once in awhile.

Folphjorg Day 2,370, 09:04

Hopefully will remember 😛

Kaminarinote Day 2,370, 08:29

Of all the hax0rs, you were the most HazmatNuke. Goodbye.

Folphjorg Day 2,370, 09:04

Pretty teenage angst if you ask me

Lance Lucky
Lance Lucky Day 2,370, 12:52

hhheeeeeeeeeeey gooooooooobyeeeeeee. Catch ya on the flip side !

klop123 Day 2,370, 19:37

o7 Enjoy it Hazmat!

TemujinBC Day 2,370, 21:51


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