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Day 1,934, 15:48 Published in Philippines Philippines by kb1992


It seems that I'm going slightly mad.

Perhaps not everyone knows, but before the last presidential elections I sent that PM to many eFilipinos:

It wasn't an intelligent move, though at first it seemed to me. I shouldn't to do that especially as Country President, who can't favor one group and keep away from the other.

It should to keep the agreements. Therefore if both parties (KMP and RDPM) agreed to cooperate, my duty, as a member of the KMP was comply with this. There is no difference that I left the party few hours earlier. It isn't any extenuation.

As for the content of the message itself - there is no reason to accuse anybody of bad faith. No matter, from what country that person comes. I myself come from another country and I've never met here with reluctance because of this.

I'm sorry.


I decided to not engage in politics for some (I hope long) time.




Dark Panzer
Dark Panzer Day 1,934, 16:31


CobraaAn Day 1,934, 16:35


tolgaksk Day 1,934, 22:33

me 2

kadayao Day 1,935, 23:19

Comment deleted

kadayao Day 1,935, 23:20

This reminds me of a RL President.. hahaha >_< Voted!

kmm225 Day 1,935, 08:23


Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 1,935, 18:40

You should have endorsed me publicly than using covert operations to help me win. Besides, your term is not that unpopular, so your endorsement might have been enough. Still, I thank you for putting trust on me. I hope you still exercise your right to vote.

Jrevealed Day 1,936, 03:53


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