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Seizing Opportunities

Day 1,907, 12:24 Published in Austria Austria by Rangeley

Each month, Austria faces challenges, as well as opportunities. These can come in many forms - and each time it is asked, how best can we deal with these difficulties? How best can we seize opportunities?

There are specific answers to each specific case, of course - but we should think broader as well. As it is the government that largely handles these issues, we should consider the best way to structure a government, so that it can best deal with both good times, and bad, in the long term. Ultimately, a government that incorporates differing, competing viewpoints - as well as includes new and different players - provides the most long term stability, growth, and enjoyment to our nation. It is worthwhile to consider why this is the case.

Bubble Governments

From time to time, some claim to have all the answers. When in power, they construct around themselves an echo chamber of yes men, isolated from opposition or even sometimes completely hostile to it. They may even label this “strong leadership,” but how can an argument be considered strong when it must be shielded from criticism as if it were frail? How can an idea be considered strong when it must be wrapped in an armor of coercion and not left to stand on its own?

It is interesting to consider that flowery shows force often hide an internal fear, insecurity, and weakness. However, not all isolation in government happens due to an intentional desire. Sometimes it can come about in a more accidental way, where ideas just stop being challenged for whatever reason, and plans are ill considered before being enacted. Either way, the creation of a bubble can be very harmful in the long term. As noone among us is perfect or omnipotent, it is safe to say nobody will always have the best ideas - and therefore noone's ideas should remain unexamined.

Dynamic Government

Where a “bubble government” falls prey to ill considered ideas, the alternative is to actively seek the inclusion of competing viewpoints, and players. If ideas are strong, they will stand up in this more vigorous environment. And just as pearls begin as rough objects before being smoothed, less strong ideas too can benefit from a more thorough consideration and become more perfected for it.

Each and every one of us is unique; with our own experiences and insights, interests and personality. We look at issues in different ways, and can bring something to the table that noone else can. Seeking to include differing voices - not simply friends, and especially those who disagree - is an essential part of proper policy making. However, it should not merely be seen as a means to an end.


With no definitive definition of “winning eRepublik,” much of the enjoyment this game as to offer comes from the process itself. Diving into politics, forming coalitions, reaching out to others, sharing ideas and reaching agreements. Participation in itself is an end.

That each and every one of us possesses the ability to contribute positively to the nation - and that this participation can bring enjoyment to any of us - is therefore an opportunity as well, just as much as any other. A dynamically built government can not only better enact policies in the long term, but also deliver a better experience to citizens of our nation - helping more people to achieve more enjoyment and satisfaction from the time we spend here.

Just as there is no definitive “winning,” there is no end point where we can stop and say we have finished including new players and voices. It is a constant effort, from month to month, year to year. But it is a worthwhile effort - not merely for its end results of better policies, but for the time we spend together in the process; the people we meet, friends we make, and the experiences we can take away with us.


Vreath Day 1,907, 17:54

What a great article, it is always a pleasure to read your words. Sometimes I have the feeling you lead me to the right way without forcing me to.

Voted and fully signed. I have never been disappointed by your articles and never will be, keep it up!

Mikhail Alexander
Mikhail Alexander Day 1,908, 06:26

Why can't I press the subscribe button enough!

Rican Day 1,908, 09:41

- and therefore no one's ideas should remain unexamined.

This is the power of the press !


Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,908, 09:48

Excellent article, impressive writing power!

C E R O V I N A Day 1,909, 10:20

Vreath viris mu iz cmara 🙂

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