Secy-Gen Nicolae Carpathia comments on United States situation

Day 297, 20:18 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Secretary-General of the PEACE
For Immediate Release
September 12, 2008

Secretary-General Nicolae Carpathia comments on “New Eden Federation” plot

Today at 13:50 Erepublik time, the Secretariat was informed that a plan existed within the United States for a political party in that nation to gain control of political offices across a number of states and then have those states secede. It is not the place of the Global Community to comment on the domestic affairs of the United States, but a copy of the plans was leaked to this office that detailed the future of the Eden project, which would target “Mexico. Then Indonesia.”

Mexico is a protectorate of the PEACE Global Community as the Global Security Council discusses the possibility of admitting that nation to the alliance. Indonesia is a founding member per our Charter. We must meet any threat against the security or stability of a PEACE member nation with a swift response.

Martin Sunter, an American Congressman, Secretary of Education under President Immunogenic, and mayor of Salt Lake City, drafted the Eden plans. Secretary-General Carpathia was able to contact American President Immunogenic directly less than an hour after the Secretariat was informed of the plan.

Immunogenic admitted knowledge of the plan, explaining, “I figured it was a joke.” When the possibility of his silence on the issue being construed as the silent consent of an ATLANTIS member nation to disrupt the security of PEACE was brought up, (it should be noted that the plans were originally conceived prior to the formation of the PEACE Global Community) Immunogenic vehemently denied ATLANTIS participation in the Eden project and denied endorsing Eden.

As the United States (or perhaps more accurately, the United States under Immunogenic) is a moderate nation without overwhelmingly negative foreign relations with PEACE, the Secretariat has announced its recognition of the American government’s non-participation in the Eden plan and has encouraged the American government to root out any further movements within their nation that would threaten the security of the PEACE Global Community. We will be cooperating with the United States and Gnosis to ensure that there is no credible threat against the PEACE Global Community.

PEACE at Home. PEACE in the World.

Nicolae Carpathia
Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community