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School's out!

Day 1,642, 08:51 Published in USA USA by Iamnameless

What a great time of the year!

Mission Statement: There will always be at least TWO hotties in every issue.
Hope you like this issue, and check out some of our back issues too!

Welcome back dear readers!

I've made so many new friends since the last article,
I thought it was time to publish another one.

This gives any of my new friends who find my hottie-themed
periodical offensive an opportunity to defriend and report me
without further delay.

On the other hand, new friends who appreciate images of
the human form accompanied by mediocre writing might
want to vote, sub, or even shout the article.

"Don't hold your breath", she's probably thinking.
"Actually, please do" is what I'm thinking.

Sometimes, there's sort of a point to the article - like a holiday, a contest, a game or whatever.
But not always. This time, meh, sort of. There's got to be something to separate the pics, right?

As the weather gets warmer, thoughts turn to summer plans.

All over the world, students can't wait to bust out of their classrooms.

What to do with all that free time?

Some students are chucking their books and hitting the links.

Others plan to try out new things... like witchcraft??

I dunno if that's really such a good idea though.

Let's be friends. You, me, Kate Beckinsale, and her friend in the plaid. It'll be fun.

1) Leave comment with your vote and sub numbers
2) add me as a friend
3) shout the following


Bras and Knickers
School's out issue!

Student hotties PLUS
**free food and weapons**


Don't forget to vote, sub and shout.

If you don't, I'll send the hall monitor after you.
Uh, wait a minute.
If you DO vote sub and shout, I'll send her after you.

Yeah, that might work better.

This is getting so exciting!

I started out today with 272 subscribers - if this article gets up to 400 350 325 subs by Day 1650, two people with new subs will be chosen from the comments at random and will receive 100 Q1 food and 10 Q1 weapons each, plus one additional lucky subscriber will receive 200 Q2 food and 20 Q2 weapons. I know I received over a hundred add requests from the new mission this week so I think hope we'll get there.

I'm so glad we're friends.

Other random giveaways of food and weapons might happen at anytime.

Megan Fox says "Hell yes!" Just ignore the hand.

And as always, go eUSA!

The end.


Iamnameless Day 1,642, 08:51

Mark 10:31

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,642, 09:07

Luke 12:38

clerica Day 1,642, 09:22

Austin 3:16

Acacia Mason
Acacia Mason Day 1,642, 09:23

John 3:16

Sleeve Day 1,642, 10:22

Ruth 1:16

Cthulhu.. Day 1,642, 10:28

I did not read it.

Iamnameless Day 1,642, 10:30

That's OK; I'm not much of a writer.

StGeorge3196 Day 1,642, 11:32

sub 276. i love the pics. looking forward to seeing many more

Richman96 Day 1,642, 11:39

sub 277.

Maximillian Payne
Maximillian Payne Day 1,642, 12:30

Wait..... Was there something i was suppossed to read?

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 1,642, 23:10

Sure is nipply inside here.

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,643, 00:28

vote 27
subscribe 281

Iamnameless Day 1,643, 07:43

Well 10 new subs is great but I really thought it would be more with all the new friends from the mission - hell I've probably had 60 requests this week from Romania alone!

Oh well, what can you do? I lowered the target from 400 to 350 to 325, but I think if I want to see some prizes given away, I better just give some prizes away. Like a Q5 tank for all who've commented so far - thanks for your support!

AppleMan Day 1,643, 09:45

i fap'd

Ruthain Day 1,643, 10:01

Nice light read, voted

rubenis m
rubenis m Day 1,643, 22:16

v+sub 295

Uhr Mutti
Uhr Mutti Day 1,644, 02:42

Deuteronomy 25:11-12

Tormentuum Day 1,644, 13:16

V+S 🙂

Meksis Day 1,645, 03:46


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