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Scandinavian eRadio - Creation

Day 1,940, 09:56 Published in Norway Norway by Jochen Lutz

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This is my article, published in Finland by Enwrath.
This is my article, published in Sweden by Aliquam
This is my article, published in Denmark by Rex Danorum.
This is my article, published in Germany by Versuchskanninchen.

Hello, dear readers!

In this article I will go further with the idea of an on-line Scandinavian radio about eRepublik. First I want to thank you for the warm welcome you showed towards this initiative and I am especially grateful to Versuchskanninchen, a young, but promising German player, who translated and published my article in his homeland (link to his publication). Many opinions were heard, help was offered by many and memories of such successful campaigns in the past inspired me not to give up. So let's take this serious and simply try! We would not lose anything!

1. Assemble the team
In order to form a team, responsible for the creation of the media, we need to find people, meeting some of the following requirements:

- experience with similar on-line programs,
- journalistic talent,
- time and will to contribute,
- good communication skills and friendly soul;

Well, I would not say I qualify for any of the above, but I have a very strong wish to do it and I think this is the only thing that matters... I would be happy if many more join, so if you think you could manage it and, most important, if you wish to do it, tell me! Let's form a real team and achieve something, while having fun!

2.Our future work
What would be the eRadio's team busy with and how do I see the media's future? As a beginning weekly shows should be broadcast, reviewing latest events and presenting interviews with important figures of the political life. Useful news at a suitable time and colloquy about different problems, chosen by the listeners, could make the eRadio's programme in its first days. However, this should evolve quick to a well functioning and convenient system for mass information and prestige, as well as approval is what we must try to deserve. Our tasks are going to include:

- summarising latest breaking news from Scandinavia and the World,
- performing interviews with prominent figures and political debates,
- starting educational programmes about eRepublik and Scandinavia,
- presenting official governmental outgivings and public organisation of important events and campaignes,
- attracting new players to join the community;

If you think you may help in achieving one of these, do not hesitate to join and show the World what you can!

3. The eRadio's range
The eRadio would not be focused on Scandinavia only! In Northern Europe there are a few independent peoples, struggling for their right of freedom. They share this region with common goals and qualities and their friendship must now be stronger than ever! Asgard's partners here are Germark, the Netherlands, Ireland and France. Broadcasting in German and French, except English, would make the media's style even more sophisticated and will help us to get more listeners from all over the world! Countries, where we should try to expand our influence outside of Scandinavia are:

- Germark (and since there is a great interest in the eRadio in Germany, we could even start the first programmes together),
- the Netherlands,
- Ireland,
- France;

Northern Europe should unite in order to succeed, and this would be a good step forward! Journalists and enthusiasts, join us!

And last, but not least, I plan to make the first broadcast on Saturday evening. It will be only a test and I do not have big expectations, but I could only hope you approve it!

Everybody who wishes to be a part of the eRadio, regardless of their experience or nationality, tell me! Every help is needed and every single person is priceless! Send me a PM or leave a comment here, there isn't much time left and we should start our work as sooner as possible! Thank you for your attention and God bless us all!

I would be grateful if you tell about this article to your friends and I kindly ask the newspaper owners to publish it in other countries of the North. I will appreciate any advise or critics and all questions will be answered with pleasure!
Thanks for reading!



CaVVa Day 1,940, 10:12


Jochen Lutz Day 1,940, 10:13

Comment deleted

ilya_aLenin Day 1,940, 10:18

Good luck !

6PABO Day 1,940, 10:26

Hail Templars!
Hail Russia!
Hail God!

Nazar Sivukha
Nazar Sivukha Day 1,940, 10:28

Good luck, guys!

Green4x Day 1,940, 10:34

Let's rock!! \o/

Kapten Klitoris
Kapten Klitoris Day 1,940, 10:36

thumbs up

Kapten Klitoris
Kapten Klitoris Day 1,940, 10:36

call me on saturday to get a chance to talk to a swedish viking
skype: snoppluktare

M.Windu Day 1,940, 10:45

Voted for support)

Hryushkin Aleksandr
Hryushkin Aleksandr Day 1,940, 11:15

lets work!

Kobelev Vladimir
Kobelev Vladimir Day 1,940, 11:20


Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,940, 11:55

Looking forward to this. I can do the weather forecasts;P

CaVVa Day 1,940, 13:42

Yes! But only if you talk with a heavy norwegian accent 😉

Josef Svejk
Josef Svejk Day 1,940, 12:50

Good luck, guys.

B O J A N Figaro
B O J A N Figaro Day 1,940, 13:05

Good luck !

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,940, 13:17

Excellent! I've tried to do this in eBulgaria (unsuccessfully). I'd love to participate in this Nortern Radio Project xD
What platform will you use and how can we get on the show?

Jochen Lutz
Jochen Lutz Day 1,940, 13:22

We are currently assembling a team and testing the eRadio
I could only say that the tests were pretty successful, but more information will be published tomorrow 🙂 Every one will be able to listen to the eRadio, we only need to get enough listeners I think... 😃

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,940, 13:26

Edit the article with a shout link, pls. It will make it easier for us to shout it.
And I'm a master-spammer xD

Vileskont Day 1,940, 13:29

Good luck 🙂

Jochen Lutz
Jochen Lutz Day 1,940, 13:35

Thanks, Mr President 🙂

DartSlon Day 1,940, 13:32

Good luck!

Helmut75 Day 1,940, 13:49

Goog luck!

Rape on Backyard
Rape on Backyard Day 1,940, 14:32

Good luck !

Versuchskaninchen Day 1,940, 15:53

I would recommend for broadcasting.
i will publish the german translation tomorrow ; )

Jochen Lutz
Jochen Lutz Day 1,940, 21:08

Thank you, mate!

Akashaton Day 1,941, 04:14

Good initiative! : D

ASPF Day 1,941, 05:35


Stakerauo Day 1,941, 09:05

I'd love to help ou with this! After all; I've got a face for radio!

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 1,941, 14:52


RussianSpirit Day 1,941, 23:06

Good! \о/

Axithe Day 1,941, 23:48

Must be an interesting project.

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