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Day 2,046, 13:31 Published in Croatia Croatia by XperTT
Greetings to everyone,

I am writing this article only because of one reason-I need to study and I dont want to.

Im gonna write about wars in Croatia last few days, everything started in croatian core region Istria and Kvarner. Same tactics as always-several RWs in occupied countrys by Serbia, plus Serbia and allies are dealing with USA. Result:

Everyone expected same scenario as always--->attack to other croatian regions occupied by Serbia. But croatian president Kreso said NO! Lets try something different. Result: NE on Slovenia:

ZLOvenians (ZLO means evil on croatian if some strangers read this and wonders why Z, ok ok enough)...yes ZLOvenians were quite surprised and started to lose easily, maybe because their heads are deap into serbian asses so they didnt saw whats coming, just hard feelings :).

One transoceanic call and several ships and planes full of angry, bearded Serbs where coming back to Europe and the real battle starded. After several hours result was this:

Then shouts started...“cry cry Cryatiaaaaa“. Dont know about you, but I was sleeping like a baby 14 hours and i cried only when I woke up and had to go to the college, but never mind.

Was that greed or tactics I dont know, but ZLOvenians attacked us, our onlyone core region left. Our Istria and Kvarner. Then the sleepy giant woke up! We were giving all our best, but something was missing. Then from the thick fog came Arrlo, a british guy who appreciate Croats and lives here almost all his eLife. He fought and fought but they were coming and coming. Result?

Almost 400 milions in one battle!! Someone would say that he could have several BHs, CHs for that damage, but golds arent everything (iliti po naški, nije u šoldima sve). Dont know maybe Romper was hunting his ass, so he had to run fast, but you dont see often Romper tanking, and especially Romper tanking and he is on second position!!

While I write this article we are still leading, but it doesnt mather, the point of this article is to thank everyone who still appreciate honorable allies, and the biggest THANK YOU to Arrlo!

One message for TWO for the end:


Sorry for bad english..

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Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,046, 13:32


Dr_Revenue Day 2,046, 13:37


Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,046, 13:45

Say hello to my British friend!

TotalnoModeran Day 2,046, 14:02

zakurac mu ne kad smo kasno napali

Stubica Day 2,046, 14:03

If we just could clone Arrlo...

investmkd90 Day 2,046, 14:32

good job

KOLAK79 Day 2,046, 14:34

v shout

kushtrimzz Day 2,046, 14:37

Croatia is lucky!!

Arrlo o7

PeroST Day 2,046, 14:38

bitka jos traje...
i nevidim zapravo bit clanka al nema veze...

XperTT Day 2,046, 14:42

možda ti engleski neide dobro?

PeroST Day 2,046, 14:43

i simply cant agree with that

XperTT Day 2,046, 14:45

"the point of this article to thank everyone who still appreciate honorable allies, and the biggest THANK YOU to Arrlo!" a sad?

Vodanoj Day 2,046, 22:20

e sad si dobio svoje!

PeroST Day 2,047, 11:07

nema smisla izdavat clanak dok jos bitka traje i to covjeku koji je se bezbroj puta dokazao i osvojio nasa srca prije vise od godinu dana....i to mu cak nije ni max steta koju je ucinio za hrvatskupa dan prije u napadu na slovenian littoral stukao cak i vise

XperTT Day 2,047, 11:10

mene mama učila da se svaki put lijepo zahvalim

PeroST Day 2,047, 11:11

mene nije :p
dosta in jedanput,ostalo smatram ulizivanjem :PPPP

XperTT Day 2,047, 11:16

ma i ja, al moram, istuče me kad se ne zahvalim :PPP

akcadag45 Day 2,046, 15:29


ElvenCRO Day 2,046, 15:36

Thank you Arrlo!

Zljun Dar
Zljun Dar Day 2,046, 15:42

votala, shoutala

Antimon550 Day 2,046, 16:19

I like trains..

I am not dSoKre
I am not dSoKre Day 2,046, 21:45

Misleading header,....

Drke John
Drke John Day 2,046, 22:56

"Was that greed or tactics I dont know, but ZLOvenians attacked us, our onlyone core region left."


"..and i cried only when I woke up and had to go to the college.."

RL njab

malo te zaebavam, nhf... : )

Cukrov Day 2,046, 23:19

Thank you Arrlo, o7!

Lord Wrick
Lord Wrick Day 2,046, 23:39

Thank you Arrlo, o7!

AussieCRO Day 2,046, 23:52

Arrio for president o7

HrvatskiCivil Day 2,047, 00:31

Arrlo for president

Obersoldat Day 2,047, 01:31

Arrlo o7

Duje 1983
Duje 1983 Day 2,047, 01:47

Thank you Arrlo, o7!

Gapiii99 Day 2,047, 04:11

Great battle Croatians. At the end we had more luck, and we won.

petra1950 Day 2,047, 07:17

Uvati se ti biokemije, kani se novina i ratova.

XperTT Day 2,047, 07:40

nemam potpis iz biokemije, tako da nema frke

volim karlovac Day 2,047, 09:16

Comment deleted

volim karlovac
volim karlovac Day 2,047, 09:32

Thank you Arrlo, o7!

HisTigerness Day 2,047, 12:32

Vatreni, stranka prevaranata i lopova, a sve se vrti oko glavnog kadra,.. maknite se od gnjida ako ste pametni! SHOUT IT!

Santiago28 Day 2,047, 15:35

U kojoj si ti stranci? Jesi zadovoljan radom stranke koje si član?

thegoose003 Day 2,047, 13:01

) Look...It's me in a pic ) o7 CROatia \o/

Grrunks Day 2,047, 15:21

Zlovenia bravo tako sam te učio )

Negra Hipolita
Negra Hipolita Day 2,048, 03:49


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