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Rylde's Message to God

Day 1,823, 13:01 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

This article to god is based on two possible messages sent on what you think gods sex is if the F@cker has one.

God if your a man show yourself so I can punch you in the face already.

God if your a woman Ima bend you over and f@ck you back for once.

God is either a real A%%hole or a Big B1tch you decide.

That is all enjoy your friday everyone.

Don't forget beer and UFC tomorrow.

I'll retract this message to god when hockey comes back.


Stamkoze Day 1,823, 13:11

Why would you do such things to me?

Rylde Day 1,823, 13:12

Its a calculated gamble to get my Oilers back.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,823, 13:39

Lolols. you and your Oilers (;

BeachBunny Day 1,823, 14:01

sounds like you used a lot of maths in this calculated gamble and also....

GO REDWINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Day 1,823, 14:25

Hockey left? No it didn't, Just the overpaid cry babies are not playing. I went to an AHL game last week in Hamilton, and watched Junior game on tv a few days ago. Both great games to watch. Hey did u know that a beer at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton is almost half price compared to the Air Canada Center. Well it is, and I took full advantage of that.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,823, 14:46

yeah, I knew that Crock. The problem is, you've gotta be in Hamilton.

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,823, 15:06

Cherry was right though.

There was a vote, and the owners voted to lockout. Bettman didn't vote.

Foxfire Day 1,823, 17:18

Voted for UFC. GSP is going to rock Carlos.

Plugson Day 1,823, 20:32

I stopped believing God was a hockey fan when he let Peter Puck trade the Great One. endofstory

Muglack Day 1,824, 10:15

"There was a vote, and the owners voted to lockout. Bettman didn't vote."

A Lockout vote only needs 7 owners to say yes, and Bettman votes for Phoenix.

TheBurningMan Day 1,824, 12:03

Rest In Peace 2012-13 season

Maybe someday the players and coaches will realize they make more in one year then most people do in two-three years, and get off their high horse and play hockey.

Its a Traaapppp
Its a Traaapppp Day 1,824, 16:05

It's all about them 'nucks

Muglack Day 1,824, 17:29

The players aren't the ones to blame. The core group of owners and Gary Bettman are.

The players were willing to continue playing under the old contract. Bettman said no.

You think the average 3rd or 4th liner who's career might make it to 5 years earning barely above the league minimum wants to throw away 20% of his potential earning power? Not even a little bit,. and that's a majority of the votes in the Union. For every Sidney Crosby there's 10 three minute a game players.

Muglack Day 1,824, 17:31

On the flip side, every owner is a billionaire and because of league bylaws even then the richest core group of them (that are barely breaking even because of Bettman putting teams in shitty cities) can simply say no and the rest are hamstrung. Plus, Bettman getting a vote with the Coyotes makes things even worse.

Verzus Day 1,824, 19:46

Makeing fun on ppl is one thing, but to make fun on God.... Ppl like you made the world place as it is now...

Goran Thrax
Goran Thrax Day 1,824, 22:05

I'm rooting for the strike. May it last as long as possible, anything to kill "professional" sports so we stop wasting billions watching circuses. Not to mention the health and economic benefits is people who enjoyed a sport, went out and played it, instead of watching it.

Goran Thrax

Kippers Day 1,825, 05:04

Fehr/Bettman meeting on Monday. Latendresse and several players have already spoken out publicly saying that some members of the union have asked Fehr to say yes to the owners' proposals so far before more games are cancelled and/or the offers get worse.

Kelly Mahoney
Kelly Mahoney Day 1,825, 09:06

GT x2

Cataract Day 1,825, 10:03

heehee Goran knows what the women want to hear

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,825, 11:15

@Muglack: Plus the owners have other revenue streams. The players don't even have sponsorships anymore.

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Day 1,825, 12:56

I'm sure little tony would like this article

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