Running for President In November

Day 4,348, 04:21 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by thrakiwths55

Hello all over the e switzerland community, as you would see i am running for president in October.
I came to e switzerland and i like here you are very kind and helpfull people.As you can see I have been a Minister of Defense for three consecutive months and I have been helping the country as much as I can from this position but it is time to help her as a President with your support and the confidence you have shown me from the outset as Minister of Defense.

My plans are:


-for young players we need to keep them in the game and is important for every country, a form will be created where they will fill up to no more than 50 levels where you will give them a significant number of q7 weapons and food to help them perform the daily orders.Αlso i will give gold to upgrade their training grounds.


-I will hold the nationality council

- i will generally try to keep our economy strong, our defences steady, and to keep our old+new alliances and MPP's intact.

-i will try to find new ally more strong to put our country

-i will maintain the work/house taxes low, and i would only increase the import taxes, if needed. (otherwise, it will remain reasonably changed/reasonably low/moderate)

Next to me will be experienced people like chris, liakouris, rican etc

it saddens me that tef will be the opposite because we have cooperated with several governments

Thank you