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Running for Hawaii's Congressional seat

Day 1,493, 22:04 Published in USA USA by Relorian

Greetings Hawaii,

My name is Relorian. I wont waste a bunch of your time chest thumping or stating my record. Its pretty cut and dry if you look at my profile page or listen to the opinions of those who like me or hate me.

I wont make you a lot of promises or use a bunch of flowery words as there are plenty of articles full of those by people much more skilled at bending the truth or playing the "metagame" or sticking their noses into the posteriors of people they think can bring them virtual power. I'll lay it on you how it is because its what you deserve.

Our system is pretty much a waste. The same few people get elected time and time again and do pretty much nothing each month then ask for your votes to re-elect them. Then there's a whole class of empty seats. Sure they get people elected to them but when it comes time to do anything they either abstain their vote or get told how they are going to vote by their party leadership or their puppet masters.

I am neither of the above. I am beholden to no political masters or would be rulers. I think for myself, tell you how it really is and for the most part steer clear of the everyday wanna be drama (Granted, I said for the most part. I am known to argue for the side of the eUS Military and will do so until the rift is healed).

So Vote for me or don't, The choice is yours. If you like the way things work then by all means vote for whomever is demanded of you by your political party or leadership. If you want things to at least be semi interesting or want more people who are going to push the envelope and make some of the others actually do work, then please consider voting for me.




Metella Youssef
Metella Youssef Day 1,495, 20:37

Wow! nice job!

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