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Running for Congress November 2012

Day 1,823, 11:16 Published in Ireland Australia by Elite C

I wish to announce my candidacy for congress for November 2012.

In the short while I have been here I have been very active.

I unfortunately ran an unsuccessful campaign for PP earlier this month, but lost to a better candidate. But I won't give up and will stay fighting for the IFP and for eIreland.

I have good relations in other countries, Australia and France to name a few, and I am continuing to interview world leaders and spreading the IFP name and our goodness across across the eGlobe. I have been an ambassador to eNorway and a Junior Minister of Foreign Affairs, so I think its clear where my strenghts lie.

When voting in law proposals I won't 'go with the flow' I will look into the matter and make an educated vote.

As regards the economy, theres no point in pointing the finger an which way.
If we have the will power and the driving force, we can achieve great things and we can recover.

Ba mhaith liom Gaeilge á labhairt ar an gréasáin seo. Tá ár teanga saibhir i gcultúr agus tá daoine eile ag meas faoi. Tá sé rud éigin ní feidir a ghlacadh.

You'll probably get long articles with players building themselves up, but short and simple is just as good.

O God Will It Ever Stop

"Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over of you just sit there"

All the Best,
Elite C


Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,824, 07:05

Best luck. IFP have a strong candidate in yourself o/

Tom Soyhaven
Tom Soyhaven Day 1,824, 18:05

really good! i too, am new and i was hoping a new person like me would run for a ofice and win so that new peple can be respected in poltics

Dylanb9216 Day 1,832, 17:37

I'd like to see solid policies son

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