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Running for Congress! [Jokes]

Day 1,892, 12:47 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by GameChanger

Hey Guys!

GameChanger here!

Due to popular demand, I am going to release an article detailing all of my policies. I was on IRC earlier, and I received a massive amount of support for the policies below. I highly recommend you vote this, and vote for One Direction when Congress elections roll around!

Law Proposal #1: NE Poland

Our French brothers have been enslaved too long by the evil forces of Poland. We shall fight valiantly to secure the French a good future. No longer shall there be evil pink goop all over France and Germany!

Law Proposal #2: MPP Turkey

I have found Turkey to be an extremely loyal and faithful country. If we can sign a MPP with them, we can finally take out the Bulgarians from the Arab coutries. I mean, who settles in and occupies an arab country like that? It's just awful. I will be glad to see our future with Turkey prosper.

Law Proposal #3: Raise Income Tax to 10%

I think making this game as realistic as possible is a great idea. It isn't too bad, as 10% is the tax rate for the lower bracket of British civilians. This will make us rich beyond our dreams and increase realism.

Law Proposal #4: Wipe Ireland

The Irish are our natural enemies. Once we finish off Poland, we ought to head straight for Dublin, the city of those awful heathens. We should wipe them permanently, and then petition the admins to remove then from the game.

I hope you agree completely with my policies. Those that do not comply will be forced to listen to One Direction singing in one ear, and their fangirl's screams in the other.

(Real Policies out on valve time)




CptChazbeard. Day 1,892, 12:51

Votado o/

LongShotzZ Day 1,892, 12:55

Lol, I like these policies a lot : p

CheetahCurtis Day 1,892, 12:56

You have my vote

nathaner Day 1,892, 14:50

sounds good

alexg737 Day 1,892, 15:00

"I have found Turkey to be an extremely loyal and faithful country."

Couldn't help but lol

Sexagenarian Day 1,893, 01:16

GameChanger for CP!!!!

well I guess I can go along with these policies if the alternative is torture by One Direction

FightAndProduce Day 1,894, 00:19

^ Or having your party in power 🙂.

surferdude Day 1,896, 22:46

I like that last policy

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