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Romanian - Ukranian [njab version]

Day 1,839, 12:25 Published in Croatia USA by Didei

Hello my dear njabs(!!) I write this (small - hopefully) article to let everyone know the truth about the non-signing of MPP between Romania and Ukrain.

This thing is going on for some months now (like 5 or 6 - not sure exactly) it all started when Ukraine bullied our sister country Rep. Moldova and with the help of some members from EDEN.HQ “shipped” her into COT, how will cro feel if an ally country .. wanted to send BiH into ONE just to get its bonuses?! Yeah that’s how we felt, but we let it pass.

The next steps that broke the relations from the two countries is when the mofa from that period (and who happens to be this month’s mofa) was perm banned for making multis and named all romanians "gypsies" and that they were "given birth by cows" .. ofc if mofa addressed this kind of insults to romanian ppl you would have expected the Ukrcp to take actions(btw: he’s now prime-minister of the UKR gov)!! Well he did just that, he wrote a nice article, a fair article, a honest one in witch he also made romanians gypsies to be in line with his mofa.

This issue started in may-june !!

As I wrote in my previous article some EDEN.HQ members all they do is to bad talk people that don't agree with them(the truly hurtful thing is that they point country against country .. but we don’t know that - according to them).

Now that I got the facts straight let’s have some fun .. who guesses the person I am talking about gets 1cc from me!!

As a cule we found this picture of it:



Valahian Day 1,839, 12:28

big vote

TheYakuzini Day 1,839, 12:29

You're right...

soy malo
soy malo Day 1,839, 12:32


Darkslowstar Day 1,839, 12:36

maybe its time to get some things strait

direct x
direct x Day 1,839, 12:36

eu nus ce v-o oprit sa va luati podolia inapoi. chiar nu inteleg.

Zdlemmy Day 1,839, 12:37

voteee!! 🙂

thaddaus Day 1,839, 12:40

you said 1000g for nenya or....?

Wolverine VN
Wolverine VN Day 1,839, 12:41

hai cu un war in podolia? 😃

Minerache Day 1,839, 12:43


Aradstorm Reloaded
Aradstorm Reloaded Day 1,839, 12:44

vote !

GringoLBV Day 1,839, 12:44

hai peste ei ))))

The Bloody Wizard
The Bloody Wizard Day 1,839, 12:45


Ivan je Car 1950
Ivan je Car 1950 Day 1,839, 12:49

dideey panju xD

Alexandru Barbarosie
Alexandru Barbarosie Day 1,839, 12:56

NE Ukr! (;

wirelessss Day 1,839, 13:05

Didei give me 2 gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unualibro Day 1,839, 13:08

his name is Mihai Cazacu.

Pizuh Day 1,839, 13:10


Dragos1976 Day 1,839, 13:16

hehehe.. v!

elbandido Day 1,839, 13:16

Nenya i think... she have a talent to point friends against each other and ruin things

clawy Day 1,839, 13:20

all romanians "gypsies" and that they were "given birth by cows"

So if
- romanians are gypsies = they came from India
- they were give birth by cows
- cow is a holy animal in India
=> he wanted to actually say something nice about Romanians.

Just my 2 cents.

Didei Day 1,839, 13:23

@clawy: I am sure!! xD

catajme Day 1,839, 15:09

De mult asteptam sa scapam de jegosii astia. Bravo prietene!

catajme Day 1,839, 15:09

989 🙂

Frojla Day 1,839, 15:12

didej boodalice^^

Avalokitesvara Day 1,839, 16:09

Kozák Misi?

Ro.Spartacus Day 1,839, 16:27

ooo:> abia astept sa-i mananc pe paine...muhahahaha

dromi Day 1,839, 21:08

nu vad nici un rost pentru acest articol. pacat ca apar asemenea lucruri in presa.

funky_ribar Day 1,840, 00:16

vote for that nice ass

Psippe Day 1,840, 01:48

unsub and vote for that ass

Matija Kovacevic
Matija Kovacevic Day 1,840, 03:16

dat ass

buru Day 1,840, 06:41


SkiF UA Day 1,840, 06:49

stupid article

dublap Day 1,840, 07:07

slika druga
meanwhile in ukraine -carabineros de chile ?
: )

Rebelsy Day 1,840, 10:08

vote for njabs

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