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Day 1,681, 06:02 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Day 1678

Dear eRepublikans,

You are all probably already familiar with the details about today's change. Some say that the rockets are a good thing, some they are not, but let's not stay on words only, let's take a look on some statistics.

Below is the detailed analysis of the cost of making and use of rockets, viewed from the perspective of a BH hunters.

I will take today's lowest prices on the eUSA weapons market.

Also today's GOLD rate is ≈2670cc.

Just to repeat. Now i don't talk about the cost of creating the rocket factory. Assuming you have enough money to build. This time i talk only about the rockets and cost of using them.

To create single q1 rocket you will need all quality weapons x10 + 100cc.

Total cost of q1 rocket is ≈ 1034cc.

That's 0.66 GOLD cost.

To create single q2 rocket you will need all quality weapons x25 + 250cc.

Total cost of q2 rocket is ≈ 4382cc.

That's 1.64 GOLD cost.

To create single q3 rocket you will need all quality weapons x50 + 500cc.

Total cost of q3 rocket is ≈ 8765cc.

That's 3.28 GOLD cost.

To create single q4 rocket you will need all quality weapons x100 + 1000cc.

Total cost of q4 rocket is ≈ 17530cc.

That's 6.60 GOLD cost.

Now. Depending what division you are, you can use only that quality rocket or lower. So, for example, if you are in D3, you can use only q3 rocket or lower, but with lower only i don't think you can get medal.


BH award = 2 GOLD

Using q1 rocket to win BH - profit = 1.34 GOLD


BH award = 3 GOLD

Using q2 rocket to win BH - profit = 1.36 GOLD


BH award = 4 GOLD

Using q3 rocket to win BH - profit = 0.72 GOLD


BH award = 5 GOLD

Using q4 rocket to win BH - profit = -1.60 GOLD

ONE TRICK by cc1432: D4 soldier can try steal bh with 2xq3 bombs. I think it's worth mentioning cuz many do not have 112 GOLD but probably they have 56 GOLD, and it's more profitable 😉

This is just a hypothetical analysis, in ideal conditions.
You must be aware that for the 100% correct result, we have to include a large number of variables.

Also, the prices are going down, so expect more profit in this case.


I think this is just first step in fixing global economy. Admins announced new changes in economic module, and this is one of them. Now all the players have a chance to make some profit with their companies. But they shouldn't stop on this. More changes must be maden soon !!!

For shout:


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ZeneFallX Day 1,681, 06:04

Awesome as usual : )

And first as usual : 3


KHAN68 Day 1,681, 06:04

good article thanks

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,681, 06:12

Rizon \o/ my favorite bitch 😘

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,681, 06:16

good analyze voted o/

Imm0rtal626 Day 1,681, 06:19

You can't build q4 rockets if you're in 3rd division.

Imm0rtal626 Day 1,681, 06:19

or q3 if you're in 2nd
or q2 if you're in 1st

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,681, 06:20

@Imm0rtal i didnt know that....its edited now !! ty !!!

Scourge Prime
Scourge Prime Day 1,681, 06:24


khantervel Day 1,681, 06:27

nice analysis! thank you

Ludak021 Day 1,681, 06:29

sta pricas ti? Ne treba meni nikakava raketa za BH u div 4, dmg je dmg, sa ili bez rakete...Ovo su uveli za nove igrace da imaju sanse da kupovinom zlata za RL novac mogu da dobijaju bitke u nizim divizijama, kao sto su do sada to radili tenkovi kad nije bilo divizija. Trebaju im novi romperi, sajmeksi i td. samo razvodnjeni u vise igraca.

Ludak021 Day 1,681, 06:31

u pravu si da se ova najjaca ne isplati BH hunterima, ali nju BH hunteri nece ni kupovati, vec oni kojima se BH nikad nije ni isplatila (romper, sajmeks i td.). A BH hanteri ce, ako treba, napraviti svoje firme za oruzje i kraj. 😉

djole1122 Day 1,681, 06:34

nice one o/

Lord Vaako
Lord Vaako Day 1,681, 06:35

ONE TRICK by cc1432: D4 soldier can try steal bh with 2xq3 bombs. I think it's worth mentioning cuz many do not have 112 GOLD but probably they have 56 GOLD, and it's more profitable

They can do that only in a day change.

Arn.Magnusson Day 1,681, 06:35

@Ludak021:A cuveno raketiranje u poslednjoj sec?
I think this is a game changer and a must have

Matahari Day 1,681, 06:36

"D4 soldier can try steal bh with 2xq3 bombs"

you cant have more than 1rocket in inventory
you only able to make 1 rocket/day

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,681, 06:36

NIje bas tako Ludak. Kao sto sam vec rekao, ovo je hipoteticka analiza. naravno da se moraju uracunati i dostupni ff-ovi, oruzije koje se koristi i sve ostalo...ali sam fino napomenuo, citaj...U SLUCAJU DA BH MOZETE UZETI SAMO SA RAKETOM...KOLIKOC EVAS TO KOSTATI !!! samo to !!!

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,681, 06:38

@Lord Vaako and Matahari u can keep ur rocket from last day, and hit it, then produce another one and hit with it too !!

EllinwnPneumaHrwiko Day 1,681, 06:38

Good job !!
v s

Lord Vaako
Lord Vaako Day 1,681, 06:40


You can only produce one rocket each day.

Drainer28 Day 1,681, 06:47

BUT you can have 1 rocket in storage aso you build it and next day you go for BH use that rocket in storage and you can build a new one that day cos you didnt biolded it that day and your storage is empty since you fired the rocket from storage...

Nikolay Dimchev Dimov
Nikolay Dimchev Dimov Day 1,681, 06:49

You have to take into consideration that you won't be able to take every BH you will lose some medals and will only bear the expenditure for the rocket assembly.

Zheng He
Zheng He Day 1,681, 06:50

This is good stuff. But getting a BH will now get harder. And a rocket won't guarantee a BH for long.

You can produce one each day. You can use two every other day by saving, using, building, using.

Or if you fight in a battle across reset, you can save, use, build, use, wait until reset, then use and build a THIRD rocket.

Kongha CAT
Kongha CAT Day 1,681, 06:53


oglia.dendroglia Day 1,681, 06:54

great article

ecan Day 1,681, 07:03

v+s nice article.

369th regimenten
369th regimenten Day 1,681, 07:15

great one

blkc Day 1,681, 07:16

votadisimo !!

Ludak021 Day 1,681, 07:27

@Hanibal: Pa brate imam i ja raketu lol. Ko ide na to da uzme BH sa milion dmg taj je ispusio u startu. Ja UVEK udaram vise nego sto neko sa 15k snage moze da udari sa FF i jednom cokoladicom, cisto da mu kazem odmah da trazi drugu bitku. A NIKAD ne idem na BH ako ne mogu bar 2 miliona da napravim, a sad cu ici sa bar 2 mil i dve rakete, nista se ne menja osim sto se granica za dmg u BH lovu opet pomera na gore i to je to. Napravi 1.6-2 mil dmg i nece ti niko krasti u nebitnoj bici, neisplativo

Norbengo Day 1,681, 07:28

Nice one.

This is a good thing from plato I hope it wont be the last one 🙂

Marcomannius Day 1,681, 07:31

Hanibal nice article! Please do edit this in about 2 weeks with new data, kako bi imali siru sliku... hkm hkm hkm, in order for us to be objective and keep in mind all the variables.

Cheers man!!

borissajkas Day 1,681, 07:46

@markomanius 😃 hahaha dobro ti je ovo hkm, hkm 😃 ahahah

questions for all - can i fire 2 rockets per day? one from last day and after i hit that one, build next and hit it again??

Marcomannius Day 1,681, 07:50

Na zalost ne mozes 2 rakete, mozes samo jednu. Mozes da napravis 2 u jednom danu ali jednu mozes da ispucas. 🙂

Jorge Salazar
Jorge Salazar Day 1,681, 08:17

Maybe to steal BH will be more difficult now (if both have rockets). I already built a Q4 rocket (and I plan to build my own low Q weapons) to defend my BHs and maybe all top players have done it also.

xenophob Day 1,681, 08:24


Rafael Ortega da Costa
Rafael Ortega da Costa Day 1,681, 10:18

It may not be viable to build the rocket factory in terms of gold spent, but if you're in division 3 and some other guy uses a rocket (that's 500,000 damage) you'll have to use 17 bazzokas to match that.

If you think about it, the rockets will make a huge difference in divisions 3 and 4. I believe from now on it will be almost impossible to win a BH without a rocket.

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,681, 12:56

that's a great calculation, linked it in my article

Iamnameless Day 1,681, 13:25


widdows9000 Day 1,681, 13:42

nice one o/

igor loncar
igor loncar Day 1,681, 13:58


CHRISTIANE.F Day 1,681, 14:26

super je članak stvarno odličan ! Nego hajde napiši sledeći ili dodaj u ovaj, ovako ? ok jednu raketu možeš dnevno da napraviš, da li je istina da dok ne ispucaš tu jednu nemožeš da napraviš drugu ja sam čula na žalost gomile informacija ali sve su mi sumljive prvo sam čula da možeš da napraviš 3 kao štek pa ispucaš u nekoj bitci i da je tri maximum posle sam čula 2 a posle da nemogu da napravim drugu dok ne ispucam prvu da li je to istina ?

iCask Day 1,681, 14:52

Voted, great article.

Captain Black Sheep
Captain Black Sheep Day 1,681, 16:32

A great article, voted.

I would like to see how the prices has changed. What is current price of q1-4?

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,681, 17:12

@Kristijen nisam htio da pisem o svemu tome, jer vec postoji dosta clanak sa detalnim informacijama 🙁

i da..dnevno mozes napraviti samo jednu raketu i ne mozes napraviti novu dok staru ne ispucas. znaci samo jedba raketa u skladistu moze biti !!!

CII venom
CII venom Day 1,681, 17:14

such a waste of gold to buy that factory, i should have researched it first

Archfeldspar Day 1,681, 17:24

It's a waste because you can't store them, and it's not worth 2 gold to build 1/day and use/blow it.
They have done nothing for grain and bread, no companies have 'worked' FOR MONTHS, now maybe q5 rubber and q4 guns work now. Commonly referred to as: a day late and a dollar ePlato.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,681, 17:54

@Archfeldspar true !!! i agree with you.

for example. i can take BH in late hours only with my ff. no need for rocket. so its pointless having one..

But on the other side...its good for our economy. as i wwrote in article, now all companies have some profit, not only q5 and q6. and thats good !!! Players wont spend huge amount of gold on making q5 and q6 companies, now they will invest in lower quality companies too...and that means lot of gold will stay in game !!!

Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,681, 18:01

my opinion that u will have your own factory for candybars, and u will use all lvl's of food for it. 😉

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,681, 18:06

@MT I think thats a great idea...why not 🙂

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,681, 18:36

@Hanibal LA: While you can take BH in late hours with your food fights, so can others of high rank and strength in Division 4. It is keeping ahead of them that is the obstacle. You would accomplish that with either Rockets or Energy Bars. If you have a lot of Energy Bars saved up from Daily Orders, that works, but if you don't then it is cheaper to build Rockets than it is to buy more Energy Bars from Plato. My usage priority would be saved Energy Bars then Rockets then purchased Energy Bars.

Mario Mechenov
Mario Mechenov Day 1,681, 18:40

ха - The URL you are trying to access is considered to be malicious! ): = 1 ad

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