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RikW for Country President

Day 1,989, 01:15 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by RikW

Fellow citizens of eNetherlands,

I hereby announce my candidacy for the upcoming country elections. At the moment I'm finalizing my plans and preparing it for publication and I'm pre-forming my cabinet, so if I am elected by YOU, I can start directly!

VOTE RIKW for a better eNL!


Hierbij kondig ik mijn kandidaatstelling voor de komende presidentsverkiezingen aan. Op het moment ben ik de laatste hand aan mijn programma aan het leggen zodat het gepubliceerd kan worden en ben ik bezig met het samenstellen van mijn kabinet, zodat we, als ik gekozen wordt, gelijk van start kunnen gaan!

STEM RIKW voor een beter eNL!


odan Day 1,989, 02:07

looking forward to your plans 🙂

WhiteTemplar Day 1,989, 02:29


ElGorro Day 1,989, 02:37

Good luck RikW. Looking forward to your plans!

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,989, 02:54

Very much interested to hear your plans, good luck!

eRepTrader Day 1,989, 03:06


Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 1,989, 04:43

Good luck

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,989, 05:01

you'll do great

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,989, 05:56

What kind of activity will you have?

Please be honest.

Meduhk Day 1,989, 08:53

waiting for your plans and visions, V!

Nomadicracer Day 1,989, 09:14

Best of luck RikW.. I would argue that any vote in the elections is one placed for a better eNL 😉

Anyone interested in my vision/ ideas for the eNL while you wait for RikW's follow up please feel free to take a look at my announcement for CP ..
& no worries, if elected i to will be ready to start on day one.. & whether i am elected or not i will continue in my efforts to united a coalition to oppose the pink's oppression.. As our Country is so small.. Regardless of who is elected or not.. we need to utilize everyone of our eCitizens potential & resources..

Alex the best123
Alex the best123 Day 1,989, 10:13

You could be a good CP, but why don't you serve in a eDutch MU? Fight side by side with the rest of us? ST6 is well known to fight against our allies, how will that look to our allies in case you get elected?

ElGorro Day 1,989, 13:18

It's a secret who our allies are. Dont know why. But this is exactly why the government should inform people properly. There are more people fighting in foreign MU's.

Nomadicracer Day 1,989, 13:31

I agree.. especially in such a small Country.. Communication should be one of our strengths! We all need to be more informed.. But also fighting TOGETHER as a Country .. Im not sure how being a US seal accomplishes that goal..

ElGorro Day 1,989, 13:40

ST6 isnt under command of the US

Alex the best123
Alex the best123 Day 1,989, 15:32

if you are in a eDutch MU, you know who our allies are, because we fight for them every day 😉

at your service
at your service Day 1,990, 00:17

That's bullshit ElGorro and only a political statement from you're side. And the fact that you and others went to ST6 is only because of the extra supplies. If you would use them for eNL I could understand but I haven't seen you do it much while Rik fought very hard last battle. Even had the CH medal.

ElGorro Day 1,990, 00:29

Thats indeed one of the reasons Im with ST6. Is that a crime? If eNL starts an elite force, maybe Ill come back.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,990, 12:09

It's a matter of principles, do you fight for your own country, or do you fight for supplies?

ElGorro Day 1,990, 13:21

I did my best serving the Dutch Army until you guys fired me.
Also NL made a choice focussing on young soldiers. Im sure if an elite force with more supplies is implemented, a lot of strong dutch players will return.
It's all about choices. What does NL want.

at your service
at your service Day 1,990, 23:28

If you're fired there must have been a reason for it. It's almost like in RL you know although it's a game. Could be anything from different view/approch in which you didn't fit to bad performance. For instance not being active enough. I have no clue but you youreself will no doubt know. Perhaps you won't tell it in public, but inside you'll know.

ElGorro Day 1,991, 00:01

Never got a real reason except they want the MoD as Commander of that MU. Im cool with decisions like that, but I dont need comments that Im not willing to serve the country. Thast just nonsense.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,991, 09:12

You know very well that you were replaced because you weren't active enough. And don't blame your country for a decision you made yourself. You always wanted more supplies, even when you were CO of NL-army, you received 10 Q7 a day because you threatened to leave your post.

Weekstrom Day 1,991, 04:37

Since he's member of ST6 I've seen him inflict roughly 200.000.000 damage for eNL. Thats in a month, give or take a few days. I'd say with RikW that's no issue.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,991, 09:13

A CP should fight side by side with the ppl he wants to represent, simple as that.

Weekstrom Day 1,992, 08:22

True and not even being a CP he did. Much more than that; He was on the middle of the front line.

Yfke van de Zand
Yfke van de Zand Day 1,989, 12:44

RikW, I have a question: will you drop out of ST6, an MU that fights against eNL and forbids its own members from "wasting" their damage fighting other non-approved wars (such as eNl RW), if you are to be elected?

ElGorro Day 1,989, 13:13

Since I have been in ST6, we never fought against eNL (not aware if they did in the past). It's a big secret who the allies of eNL are, as I wasnt allowed to post it ingame ( So how can we know if we are fighting against Dutch Allies?
Please stick with the truth please.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,989, 14:07

As CP he will have access to all classified information, so he'll know.

ElGorro Day 1,989, 20:48

So problem solved!

at your service
at your service Day 1,990, 00:27

Not against no, but you did fight against alies. Even in the time we were EDEN member and when it was very clear due to that simple fact who to fight and who we shouldn't ST6 members did do so.
Don't recall you doing it ElGorro, but then again you were not even a NL citizen for several months so I didn't watch you while Rik for example only went a short period to gain membership of ST6 and immediately came back to server eNL.
And that you were not allowed to post and made an, again, political thing of it is rubbish. You, as experienced politician, should know much better what can be published publicly and what shouldn't. But perhaps you're experiance, that must be from before my time, was only in easy situations without the current econimical and power balance issues.

ElGorro Day 1,990, 00:35

Did i fought against allies? Really? Against what ally?
I didnt was with ST6 in the days we were EDEN member. In the time we were EDEN member, I was Commander of one of the State MU's until the government sacked me.
I left the eNL for about two months. I went to our brothers in Ireland and afterwards I stayed a couple of weeks in the USA to become member of ST6.
Those are the facts. Please stop with lies. I don't know who you are. Did you changed your name?

ElGorro Day 1,990, 00:40

There is a list of allies in the private section of Congress. I can assure you I did not fight against one of those as far as I can remember.

at your service
at your service Day 1,990, 23:24

Just recently I saw you did you're DO against Sweden. A while longer back you did a lot of damage against an other friendly nation of us. Don't recall who it was but it was almost good for BH. So don't play innocent here. And if I know that Sweden is a friendly nation you of all people should know. And if you were member of a dutch MU you certainly would have known as our orders have been to fight in favour of Sweden and other nations several times.
And no I didn't change my name. You even contacted me twice in the past offering help from DemNL with supplies or other matters if I would need them and asking if I would join DemNL.

ElGorro Day 1,991, 00:09

True, I may have dropped some hits in an allready lost minibattle between Russia and Sweden, who are both allies as far as I know.

Weekstrom Day 1,991, 04:40

See my comment one post above...

Nakbula Day 1,990, 09:02

Good Luck RikW o7

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,990, 10:10

Good luck Rik! Please solve the ST6 issue, and you make a good chance!
Any eNL CP should fight side by side with the people he wants to serve, the choice is up to you!

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,990, 19:27

Good luck RikW!

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,991, 09:14

I'm a bit disappointed you don't answer any questions RikW, but only let your gorilla do the talking.

ElGorro Day 1,991, 16:17

Im not talking for RikW, just for myself.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,991, 16:22

then you certainly fooled me. P

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