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Rikian for Country President! The Best Choice for Ireland.

Day 1,779, 06:40 Published in Ireland United Kingdom by Rikian1776

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that I was running for CP this term. I know not just everyone can run for CP, so I wanted to tell the great people of eIre my qualifications and reasons to vote for me. 🙂

1. I will save Santa Claus. Since I joined this game in May, the economy has been in something of a tailspin. After doing some research into the reasons for this, I discovered that Santa Claus was a vital part of our economy and that he had been kidnapped by the bad economy goblins!

Saving Santa should have a positive effect on the rest of eIreland and restore our economy to its former glory. I will set up a team of qualified eIrishmen to do what is necessary to save this great man!

2. I am a great warrior who has fought in many battles that include but aren't limited to The Battle of Cannae under General Hannibal's forces and the Battle of Thermopylae.

I actually helped Hannibal come up with the double envelopment tactic he used on the Romans. 😃

In the Battle of Thermopylae, I took an arrow to the knee so Leonidas sent me back to Sparta so that all could hear the story. That arrow is the reason we know about Thermopylae at all.

3. I have become fairly experienced at eRepublik and care deeply for eIreland and would like to do everything in my power to help it become the best country in the game.

4. I will keep everyone updated with the goings on of the world with articles every three days. Regular articles are important for the citizens of eIreland.

Thank you everyone for considering me for CP. I promise that if elected, I won't let you down!

My name is Rikian and I approve this message.



PrincessZelda Day 1,779, 06:52

Your military history gives you an impressive resume. Good luck!

castaneda Day 1,779, 07:33

Who ?

Rikian1776 Day 1,779, 07:44

Who what? 🙂

MrConway Day 1,779, 08:06

Is this to be taken seriously?

Rikian1776 Day 1,779, 08:45

Both yes and no. I will put out another article detailing exactly what I'll be doing tomorrow. This is something light-hearted to let people know I'm running.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,779, 09:23

Might aswell run, everyone else with no exp is running.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,779, 12:13

^ Wait a year or two

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,779, 12:46

Don't listen to the old folks Rikian, I loved the article! Tell me you were an artillery officer at Austerlitz and you have my vote...

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 1,779, 13:04

I fought at the battle of Debenhans Summer sale, I was at the front line when the doors opened and despite fierce resistance and serious injury i fought my way to the bargain rail and secured my, would this make me a great a warrior like you?

You are young and have a lot to learn, its not the CP that makes the Country great, its his team who accomplish this or fail trying, some time spent on foreign affairs would be a good place to start before you try and sit in the big chair.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,779, 14:44


Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 1,779, 15:15

I have to watch out for landmines everyday while at work.

Well not real landmines but dog s&%t. We call them landmines.

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 1,779, 15:16

Not true Marcus. I am not running. lol

moomoohead Day 1,779, 16:10

I vote for saving Santa.

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,779, 16:45

Hehe not what I expected but I enjoyed it.

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,779, 17:50

I like new people running. I think Rikian is a breath of fresh air. Best of luck!

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 1,779, 18:27

I had snu-snu with Hannibal at Cannae. Vote for Bristel. Vote for sexy time.

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,779, 19:57

hannibal wouldve torn you to shreds hahaha

Rikian1776 Day 1,780, 02:58


No, what happened was Ronisu was my housemate and fraternity brother and he convinced me to play the game so that he could get the gold bonus as I leveled up. When he sent the first link, I created the profile and played for a little bit, but it stopped letting me log in, so I had him send the other link. After I created the profile I have now, I sent a ticket to have the other one shut down. I have used this one since then. 🙂

Ronisu doesn't really play anymore.

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,780, 03:21

eww youre in a frat. Sorry bro, lost my vote 😕

Rikian1776 Day 1,780, 03:27

Lol, the college I went to doesn't offer your stereotypical fraternity life. Only six hundred people in the whole college. 😃

Rikian1776 Day 1,780, 03:38

Although, all the fraternity did was show me that there are terrible people in the world that only want to accomplish their goals. That they don't care who they have to step on to get what they want. In fact, I only like the national fraternity. The local chapter really sucked. I graduated from college in 2011, so I'm not a part of that chapter anymore, thank God.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,780, 05:59

Thanks for explanation 🙂

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Day 1,780, 06:48

Frats blow haha

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,780, 08:40

Lol AC, as Nogin said get some exp in different roles before going for the big job. Id feel more comfortable voting for you that way.

JeSayPanachay Day 1,780, 10:05

Go Go Rikian !!!
You are the best candidate and I will vote for you

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 1,780, 14:41

So the "best choice for Ireland" is the person who has no plan whatsoever? Wow, seems like this is exactly what Ireland needs.


Bosshawk Day 1,780, 14:48

you talk about the economy in a tailspin and yet you undercut all our businessmen by .20 on an item today driving the prices down basically hurting the businessmen who you need to support the community...making them lose money...

course your no different from the rest of the pretenders we call a governement i guess... thats what you get in a game

Bigmike727 Day 1,780, 15:29

Lol no

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,781, 04:53

GL Rikian.


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